Traditional Column Radiators

Discover the elegance and efficiency of Traditional Column Radiators—an ideal upgrade from standard panel radiators. Perfectly blending classic charm with modern performance, our column radiator collection offers versatile designs that complement any interior. With superior heat outputs, our period-style column radiators ensure your comfort in style. Explore our range and transform your home heating today.

Types of Column Radiators

Explore our extensive selection of column radiators, including exquisite round-topped traditional models and cutting-edge modern designer styles. Whether you're drawn to the timelessness of cast iron or the sleekness of modern steel or aluminium, we offer a variety of sizes and finishes to help you complete the look of your home’s heating. From space-saving vertical designs to compact horizontal models, find the perfect fit for every space at BestHeating.

Matching radiators to your home

Tailor your home’s heating with our diverse range of column radiators, available in multiple sizes, colours, and heat outputs. Highlight your decor with our Milano Windsor collection, offering stunning colourways from pastel to metallic finishes. Experience a modern twist on Victorian style and explore bold choices with our coloured column radiators.

Advantages of Aluminium Column Radiators

Opt for our aluminium column radiators for a more energy-efficient heating solution. These radiators heat up faster and are lighter than traditional models, making them ideal for installation on internal walls. Enjoy reduced energy costs and a stylish addition to your home with our eco-friendly options.

Fast & free delivery and leading product guarantees

Choose from a vast array of traditional column radiators, all available with free UK delivery. Select specialised delivery for our unique cast iron and coloured radiators at checkout. Each model is designed to meet your room’s aesthetic and functional needs, adding value, warmth and style to your home. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our industry-leading guarantees.

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Frequently asked column radiator questions

We know that not everybody knows exactly what they’re looking for when buying a new column radiator, so below are a few of your more frequently asked questions to help you make the best heating choice.

So, what are column radiators?

Answer: Column radiators are usually traditionally styled radiators constructed from hollow tubes of mild steel or aluminium. That’s not to say that a designer radiator is not a column radiator - for they do have columns too - but it’s generally assumed that column radiators are more traditional in style and steel and aluminium column radiators can often be dubbed as “cast-iron style” column radiators. These radiators are commonly made of 2, 3 or 4 columns that are fitted at the top and bottom to central pipes. These columns help to increase the overall surface area of the appliance, meaning that this type of column radiator has a higher heat output than more conventional radiator styles.

What are the best column radiators?

Answer: The best column radiators are those that are versatile, stylish, and offer looks that will fit effortlessly in any room, of any home. Modern column radiators are perfect for loft spaces and contemporary properties, while traditional column radiators offer more in terms of vintage authenticity and styling, making them ideal for period homes like Georgian properties and Victorian terraces.

Are column radiators better than conventional radiators?

Answer: If by “better” you mean are they better at giving out heat more effectively, the answer would be yes, they are better. When comparing a column radiator to a standard convector rad that has one or two rows of fins in its main body, you will usually find that a column radiator is capable of emitting a greater amount of heat more efficiently, meaning it is arguably more effective at heating your chosen space - which does, for the most part, make it better.

What size of column radiator will I need?

Answer: When choosing your radiator, the size you need normally depends upon two key factors -

  • Having the right amount of space to accommodate the radiator.
  • What the BTU rating (or heat output) of the radiator needs to be.
You can work out what size of column radiator you require for your room by using our BTU Calculator to help you. Simply pop in the details to answer a few simple questions, and we’ll show you a selection of radiators to suit your space.

Will I need feet with my column radiator?

Answer: Whether or not you need to order feet alongside your new column radiator will depend upon the type of design you choose. Many column radiators do not require additional feet to operate safely, but if you are installing a new column radiator on an internal stud wall, it may be prudent to consider if the addition of radiator feet would be a good option - as they can help to stabilise the appliance and ensure it doesn’t come away from the wall. Many of the column radiators at BestHeating are supplied with feet as an additional extra, and are not a requirement of the overall design. If however, you feel they will add to the style and design of your new column radiator, several listings offer radiator feet as an additional extra. To learn more about the ranges, browse our collection of radiator feet.

Do your column radiators come with everything I need to fit them?

Answer: Yes! Everything you need to hang your new column radiator on the wall will be supplied with your new radiator. This includes brackets and screws, as well as bleed valves and blanking plugs. You will need to purchase new radiator valves - unless you are sticking with your old ones - and we have a stunning collection of radiator valves to choose from to complement or contrast your new radiator style. Check out our radiator valve collection to discover your favourite pair, and if you don’t know what type of radiator valves you need - or if you’re puzzled by your pipework - pay a visit to our radiator valves explained page to learn more about what will suit your space the best!

I still need more column radiator advice, what should I do?

Answer: If you’re still struggling to find the perfect column radiator for your home, pay a visit to our extensive Advice Centre where you’ll find tips, tricks and buying guides to help you explore exactly what you need to make your heating cooler.

Traditional Column

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