Type 33 Triple Panel Radiators

If what you are looking for in a central heating radiator is simply warmth, efficiency and high performance then you will not go far wrong with our selection of Type 33 convector radiators. Engineered for those who seek both effortless functionality and simple no-nonsense design, these radiators are stand out candidates for any room in every home. Their unique three-panel and three-fin configuration not only makes them compact and versatile but also incredibly efficient at bringing warmth and comfort to any space.

Why choose a Type 33 convector radiator from BestHeating?

  • Unmatched efficiency: Type 33 convector radiators are designed for high performance. Their triple-panel and fin system increases the surface area of the radiator for optimum heat distribution, ensuring your space reaches the desired temperature swiftly and efficiently. This design innovation means that their triple column design provides outstanding heat output from a smaller radiator footprint.
  • Space-saving design: In modern homes and offices where space is sometimes at a premium, these radiators offer exceptional heat output without taking up excessive wall space. Their sleek, modern design fits seamlessly into any decor, quietly enhancing the aesthetic of your space while still delivering the warmth you need.
  • Energy savings: The efficiency of Type 33 triple panel radiators can contribute to lower heating bills. By effectively distributing heat, they maintain a consistent temperature with less energy, making them a more eco-friendly choice and the perfect addition to low energy heating systems.
  • Versatility for every room: Our collection of Type 33 convectors includes various sizes, ensuring there's a perfect match for every room. Whether you're updating a traditional setting or complementing a modern aesthetic, our Type 33 convector radiators meet your needs with efficiency, elegance and simplicity of design.
  • Fast and even heating: The advanced design of our Type 33 radiators promotes the rapid distribution of heat, ensuring that warmth is evenly spread throughout the room. This means eliminating cold spots and creating a cosy environment faster than with smaller, less powerful radiators.
  • A broad collection of Type 33 radiator sizes

    At BestHeating, we can offer a wide selection of Type 33 radiators in a range of sizes. For the most compact of spaces, we offer a 400mm x 400mm radiator, that still achieves an impressive heat output. While for those larger rooms our 600mm x 1600mm radiator - a significantly powerful model - is sure to warm your space quickly and effectively!

    Frequently asked questions - Type 33 convector radiators

    What makes Type 33 convector radiators different from other types?

    Answer: Type 33 convector radiators feature three heating panels and three sets of fins, maximising the surface area for heat distribution, leading to quicker and more efficient heating compared to smaller standard models like Type 11, 21 and 22 convectors.

    Are Type 33 radiators energy-efficient?

    Absolutely. Their design allows for superior heat distribution, which can help reduce energy consumption and lower heating bills.

    Can I use a Type 33 radiator in a small room?

    Answer: Yes, their compact design makes them ideal for small spaces, offering high heat output without occupying too much wall space.

    How do I choose the right size Type 33 radiator for my room?

    Answer: When choosing your radiators, you should consider the room's size and heating requirements. Use our BTU Calculator to help you find your required output, or speak to your heating engineer for more advice. We also have a great guide on calculating BTUs in our Advice Centre.

    Can Type 33 radiators be used with any heating system?

    Answer: Type 33 radiators are compatible with standard central heating systems, making them a versatile option for any home.

    Are these radiators easy to install?

    Answer: While installation is straightforward, we recommend professional installation to ensure optimal performance and safety.

    How do I maintain my Type 33 convector radiator?

    Answer: Maintenance is minimal. Regular dusting and ensuring the fins are not obstructed will keep your radiator in top condition. Check out our helpful radiator cleaning guide for further advice on keeping your radiator clean.

    Can I adjust the heat output of a Type 33 radiator?

    Answer: Yes, using thermostatic radiator valves, you can easily control the temperature and optimise energy usage.

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