Type 22 Double Panel Radiators

The BestHeating collection of Type 22 double panel radiators offer an easy, budget-friendly means to upgrade your home heating. This style of convector radiator, which features two panels as well as two sets of fins, represents a highly efficient heating solution, one with a pleasantly simplistic look and reliable construction quality. Type 22 double panel radiators from reputable brands such as Stelrad and Milano are included in our full range, providing added peace of mind for potential buyers concerning durability and performance.

What are Type 22 double panel radiators?

Type 22 double panel radiators are a form of convector radiator that incorporates two sets of fins as well as two panels to make up one of the most simple yet effective home heating appliances on the market, and one that remains very popular at that. The double panel convector radiators are renowned for their reliability and durability, as well as being capable of delivering an excellent heat output that can comfortably warm up any specific space. Differentiating largely in their aesthetic to the wildly popular designer radiators that take up so much of the home heating landscape at present, Type 22 double panel radiators are often highly sought after with performance in mind, being recognizable as one of the most efficient heating devices available. They’re also not as hot to the touch as designer radiator models, which makes them a viable choice for households with small children. What’s more, they are an inexpensive selection for areas that might not be prioritised for home heating, like an attic, garage or hallway space.

A quality collection of Type 22 double panel radiators

BestHeating.com offer a brilliant, premium quality collection of Type 22 double panel radiators, inclusive of a vast array of models that are distinguished for their supreme efficiency and simplistic, attractive looks. Vertical and horizontal Type 22 radiators both feature within our entire range, and any potential buyers who haven’t decided on the perfect orientation for their home could do a lot worse than consult our Advice Centre blog, <ahref="/info/vertical-or-horizontal-which-is-the-right-radiator-for-my-room/"target="_blank">Vertical or horizontal – Which is the right radiator for my room?There’s also the opportunity to decide between wall mounted and freestanding Type 22 radiators in line with any size and layout restrictions your room may present, as well as personal preferences.

Simply stylish Type 22 double panel radiators

The Type 22 double panel radiator collection from BestHeating might not necessarily be the first port of call in exemplifying our ‘heating made cooler’ mantra, but the full range does include a supreme selection of convector radiators of this type, including models from respected brands such as Milano and Stelrad. Each Type 22 double panel radiator from BestHeating combines simply stylish looks with quality performance attributes, and there’s white, black and anthracite finishes available to ensure a radiator to match practically any style of décor. What’s more, the availability of horizontal and vertical models alike offers a degree of flexibility to potential buyers of Type 22 radiators.

Type 22 double panel radiators guaranteed

Anyone investing in Type 22 double panel radiators from BestHeating can do so safe in the knowledge that their purchase will be accompanied by a guarantee of up to 20 years, with free UK delivery also applicable to orders. We take immense pride in supplying an excellent choice of Type 22 double panel radiators that feature a premium quality construction, excellent performance credentials and attractive aesthetics, and offering them for an extremely competitive price. In addition to this, we are confident of providing a Type 22 double radiator capable of meeting the heating requirements of any room within a home. Our BTU Calculator can help you determine which double panel convectors will deliver an adequate level of warmth for your chosen space, so you can set about including or eliminating certain Type 22 models from your thinking.

Shop Type 22 double panel radiators from BestHeating

Shop a top selection of Type 22 double panel radiators online from BestHeating, and achieve a simple but effective home heating refreshment with this attractive, highly dependable heating device. We have Type 22 radiators fit to meet the heating requirements of practically any room within a household. Opt between Type 22 convector radiators in a brilliant array of designs, and transform your home heating for less.

What is a Type 22 convector radiator?

A Type 22 radiator is a double panel radiator that incorporates two sets of radiator fins. Type 22 double panel radiators are amongst the most simple styles of heating appliance available, but like practically any convector model, are extremely reliable. There’s also an appropriate Type 22 radiator to deliver an adequate heat output for more or less any specific space within a home.

Are Type 22 radiators hot to touch?

As with all convector radiator styles, Type 22 radiators are not as hot to the touch as contemporary designer radiators are, making them a safe option for family households with toddlers, for instance. Scalding risk is greatly reduced, were infants to come into contact with Type 22 radiators, whilst their design makes them less likely to be exposed and on display.

What is the difference between Type 22 and Type 21 radiators?

Type 22 radiators feature two sets of radiator fins between their two panels, as opposed to the single set of fins incorporated by Type 21 radiators. Type 22 radiator models therefore tend to perform more efficiently than other convector radiator designs in providing a highly impressive heat output.

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