Type 21 Double Panel Plus Radiators

Type 21 double panel plus radiators from BestHeating.com offer a straightforward, budget-friendly heating solution for any room of your home. Known for their simple design and robust performance, these radiators ensure a high heat output and are crafted by reputable brands like Milano, ensuring both quality and durability.

What Are Type 21 Double Panel Plus Radiators?

Type 21 double panel plus radiators combine a minimalist design with exceptional functionality, making them a popular choice for efficient home heating. These central heating radiators feature a single set of fins enclosed by two panels, providing excellent heat output suitable for any living space.

A Quality Range of Type 21 Double Panel Plus Radiators

Our extensive collection of double panel plus radiators includes a range of both small and large-sized central heating radiators to suit any room's configuration. Whether you need a radiator for a hallway, garage, attic or bedroom, our models are designed to meet your heating needs without compromising on style.

Simple and Effective Type 21 Radiator Designs

Although they have a very simple appearance when compared to their designer radiator counterparts, Type 21 double panel plus radiators from BestHeating do not fall short on performance. Available in black, white, and anthracite finishes, these radiators blend seamlessly into any decor, enhancing your home's aesthetic while providing reliable warmth.

Type 21 Double Panel Plus Radiators Guaranteed

Every Type 21 double panel plus radiator purchase comes with up to a 20-year guarantee and free UK delivery, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Use our BTU Calculator to select the ideal radiator that matches the specific heating requirements of your space.

Shop Type 21 Double Panel Plus Radiators from BestHeating

Check out our outstanding selection of Type 21 double panel plus radiators online. Choose the perfect model from a range of affordable options to effectively enhance your home heating system, ensuring efficiency and style without stretching your budget.

Frequently asked questions - Double Panel Plus Radiators

What is a Type 21 radiator?

Answer: A Type 21 radiator is a double panel radiator characterised by a single set of fins and two radiator panels, offering a straightforward design that is both reliable and capable of providing significant heat output for any space.

Are Type 21 radiators hot to touch?

Answer: Type 21 radiators maintain a cooler exterior compared to many modern designs, making them a safer choice for households with young children and reducing the risk of burns.

What is the difference between Type 21 and Type 11 radiators?

Answer: The main difference lies in their construction; Type 21 radiators have two panels that enclose a single set of fins, offering a higher heat output and a slightly deeper profile compared to the single-panel Type 11 radiators.

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