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H-Block Radiator Valves

H-Block radiator valves are simply H-shaped valves with a double connection to join the pipes and valve inlets on middle connection radiators. There are two types of H-Block valves, angled H-Block and straight H-Block. Both varieties are available as manual and TRVs so you can maintain control over the radiator heat output as you prefer.

Featuring a modern minimalist design and stylish chrome finish, our H-Block valves give your designer radiators a neat and tidy look and the top of the valve will always be positioned horizontally to prevent any bruised ankles!

Do I Need H-Block Valves?

H-Block valves are designed for radiators with middle inlets but which type you need depends on where the radiator inlets are. If you have a middle connection radiator and your pipework comes through the wall you will need angled H-Block valves. But if your pipes come up from the floor you will need straight H-Block valves.

If you’re still unsure which valves you need for your radiator head over to our guide for more information.

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