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Radiator Pipe Covers & Sleeves

Radiator pipe covers and shrouds are crafted to conceal unsightly pipework and help to transform your radiator into a sleek and stylish focal point you can be proud to show off. And at BestHeating, we know that when completing the look of your new radiator, it’s those smaller details that can make all the difference. After all, there’s very little point in going to the trouble of upgrading your home’s heating if you’re not going to make it look the part!

Elevate your space with high-quality radiator pipe covers & shrouds

Our extensive collection of radiator pipe covers will fit perfectly over 15mm pipework to create a seamlessly refined look. Also called pipe shrouds, pipe sleeves or radiator piping kits, these handy radiator accessories are designed to sit over the top of that unsightly copper central heating pipework to create a fresh and clean finish that complements your new radiator installation.

Radiator pipe sleeves in a range of finishes

Add to the character and uniqueness of your space with our matching radiator pipe kits. Our collection features black, anthracite, copper, gold, brass, pewter and many more finishes, so you can match your radiator sleeves with the look and finish of both modern designer radiators and traditional column radiators too. Whatever your style and taste, there is a striking finish available across our entire collection of radiator pipe covers and shrouds.

Radiator pipe covers and sleeves to rely upon

You could, of course, go out and purchase the little snap on pipe covers and hide away your pipework that way - and there’s nothing stopping you is there? But, when you have the choice of upgrading to a sleek and stylish pair of radiator sleeves, why would you look anywhere else but BestHeating? Our pipe covers are made from solid brass and ABS and come with the added peace of mind of a minimum 2 year guarantee. So, not only will they look the part, but thanks to the materials they are made from, they can also help to radiate heat into your space too.

Traditional & contemporary radiator pipe shrouds

Whether you’re a lover of period style, or prefer the modern touch, our radiator pipe cover collection has been designed to suit all manner of interior styles. There are a range of options to match your radiators. So whether you’re adding the finishing touch to a new radiator, or simply giving your existing radiators a bit of an upgrade, you’re sure to discover just what you need in our collection.

Radiator pipe cover frequently asked questions

Do I need radiator pipe covers?

Answer: Covering your copper central heating pipework will make a great difference to the overall look of your radiator. So, if you want to improve your radiator’s aesthetic and create a stylish finish that’s relatively inexpensive to achieve, you should invest in some radiator pipe covers.

Do radiator pipe shrouds block heat?

Answer: Due to the nature of the materials used in our range of radiator pipe covers, they should not block heat from your radiator. If anything, due to their construction, they should help to enhance the radiating capabilities of your pipework and not block heat at all.

Radiator Valves &

What every designer rad deserves.

Give your rads a glow-up with our carefully crafted valves and accessories.

Radiator Valves

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  2. Milano Windsor - Thermostatic Antique Style Angled Radiator Valve and Pipe Set - Choice of Finish
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