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John Lawless

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The Editor-In-Chief of the BestHeating Advice Centre, John has a sound knowledge of plumbing and electrical jobs as he spent 5 years working on building sites when he left school – once completely rewiring a house all by himself and only getting shocked once!

Since leaving college to pursue a career in the music industry (he’s a failed rockstar)* John re-trained as a journalist at Lancaster University and counts bylines in his local newspaper the Burnley Express and the HuffPost among his most “impressive” journalistic achievements.

Failing to pick up the Pulitzer prize in his short lived career as a journalist, John turned his attention to energy management and heating and has developed a range of in-depth articles about how to improve home heating and reduce our carbon footprints.

Now featuring regularly across a number of national media publications – and with a wealth of heating experience buried deep inside his hairy head – John loves to learn about innovative new approaches to home heating and hopes to bring more of those ideas to

*John didn’t fail as a rockstar, he never made it, he just likes to tell people he failed cos it sounds cool.

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The Milano Aruba Size Guide

John says
“Choosing new radiators can be hard work. It's not just a case of picking one you like and sticking it on the wall! This guide helps alleviate some of that stress and tells you what you need to do to find the perfect Milano Aruba radiator ”

The Ultimate Guide To Heating Pipework

John says
“Not unlike radiators, the pipework that brings the water into our homes is often taken for granted. One read of this amazing guide will soon have you thinking again about just how important radiator pipework really is!”

The Ultimate Guide To Air Source Heat Pumps

John says
“With carbon neutrality the buzzword of the 20’s, this article covers all the info around a key fossil fuel alternative and what it might mean for how you heat your home.”

Questions & answers with John

John says
This may surprise a few people, but I actually love the Capri range by Milano. It’s a really simple and clean designer radiator style – I’m curvy enough, so the flat panel rads are probably my favourites.
John says
When I took the radiator personality test, I got bright orange. I think it’s a good match for me too, as I think I’m bright, a bit in your face, and find that people stare at me quite a lot…

John says

I enjoy helping people. So knowing that my research and advice has led to people thinking differently about their radiators is a source of great pride for me.

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