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How to dress and hang a horizontal column radiator

A classic column radiator can make all the difference to the look and feel of your home. 

The cast iron style design complements the beauty of period properties, adds character to new builds and of course pumps out plenty of heat!

In this guide, we are going to show you how to dress and hang a column designer radiator.

But remember, if you’re unsure of any part of this installation process, please do not proceed and consult a qualified professional to get the job done for you.

Before you hang your column radiator

Before you dress and hang your column radiator, you will need to drain the heating system.

Visit our guide on how to drain down central heating before you begin.

But first, what does ‘dress a radiator’ actually mean?

‘Dressing’ a radiator is the process of getting it ready for fitting to the wall.

Ready to start dressing and hanging your radiator?

Tools you will need

The tools you will need for this job include:

  • Meter ruler or tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Drill or impact driver
  • PTFE tape 
  • Adjustable spanner 
  • Ratchet 
  • Pencil
  • Bleed valve/blank & wall fixing kit (supplied)

With all our radiators, we supply a bleed valve, blank and complete wall fixing kit.

Tools required to fit a column radiator

  1. Insert blanking and bleed plugs

    Carefully lay your column designer radiator flat and remove the protective rubber bungs.
    Screw in the bleed valve and blanking cap and nip them both up with an adjustable spanner.

    hand holding a spanner on a radiator

  2. Wrap the valve spigots with PTFE tape

    Take your column designer radiator valve spigots and wrap them with PTFE tape around 17 times.

    hands wrapping ptfe tape around a radiator valve

  3. Insert the valve spigots

    Fully insert the spigots into your column designer radiator and again nip them up using a ratchet or radiator spanner.

    hand turning a radiator spigot with a spanner

  4. Find the centre of the radiator

    Position the bottom brackets loosely and measure the width center to center to find the centre of the radiator.

    measuring the centre of a radiator

  5. Measure bracket to radiator

    Now measure the distance from the bottom of the bracket to the bottom of the radiator.

    hand measuring a radiator bracket

  6. Mark the bottom bracket position

    Measure and mark where the top of the bottom brackets will be situated.
    Make sure you take into account the distance from the bottom of the bracket to the bottom of the radiator. 

    hand holding a pencil and tape measure

  7. Mark the bracket holes

    Place the brackets on the wall and mark the holes ready to be fixed.

    hand marking a radiator hole

  8. Measure the column designer radiator

    Measure the column designer radiator top-to-bottom from the centre of the bleed valve to the center of the spigot.

    hand holding a tape measure against a radiator

  9. Mark this on the wall

    Then mark this on the wall from the center of the bottom line.

    man marking a line on a wall with a pencil

  10. Mark your top bracket position

    Measure and mark a line at the top which is parallel to the bottom. This is where your top brackets will be situated.

    hand drawing a line on the wall with a pencil

  11. Mark the brackets underneath the line

    As with the bottom set, place the top of the bracket below the line and mark the holes ready to be fixed.

    hands holding a radiator bracket on a wall

  12. Fix the brackets to the wall

    Once all the brackets have been marked, use a drill or impact driver to fix them to the wall using the supplied wall fixing kit.

    man drilling a hole into a wall

  13. Make sure the brackets are aligned

    Before hanging the column designer radiator, use a spirit level to ensure the brackets are aligned.

    spitil level measuring radiator brackets

  14. Hang the column radiator

    When hanging the column designer radiator please be very careful as they can often be deceptively heavy. Double check the column designer radiator with the spirit level to ensure there’s been no movement when hanging.

    man hanging a radiator on a wall

  15. Connect to the central heating

    Finally, install the valves and connect your column designer radiator to the central heating system. Please note that this process must be carried out by a qualified professional.

    close up of a column radiator and valve

Ready to install your column radiator?

If you’re ready to get the job done, have our full how-to video playing to help you as you go!

Please note: Our ‘how-to’ manuals are intended only as a guide to assist you with common home heating tasks. Please do not attempt to undertake this task if any of the instructions are unclear, or if you are in any doubt about what to do. Instead, seek advice from a professional.

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