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How to dress and hang a dual fuel heated towel rail

A step-by-step guide on how to dress and hang a dual fuel heated towel rail

What you’ll need…

  • Screwdriver
  • Impact Driver
  • PFTE Tape
  • Tape Measure / Metre Ruler
  • Spirit Level
  • Pencil
  • Adjustable Spanner
  • Wall Fixing Kit
  • Bleed Valve & Blank
  • 10mm Ratchet
  • Dual Fuel T Piece
  • Electric Element
Milano Neva Anthracite Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rail

Starting to dress and hang your dual fuel heated towel rail

Step 1

Carefully place your heated towel rail flat and detach the protective plastic caps and rubber bungs.

Step 2

Screw in the bleed valve and blanking cap on both sides of the towel rail, and use an adjustable spanner to nip them up. Take care not to over-tighten and risk damaging the thread.

Step 3

Flip the heated towel rail over carefully, and detach the rubber bunks on the other side of the component.

Step 4

Use PFTE tape to wrap the spigots on your radiator valves. Wrapping the spigots 17 times should prove sufficient – this is an important precaution to take in preventing potential leaks.

Step 5

Fully insert one spigot into the towel radiator, placing the other in the angled part of the dual fuel T-piece. Then, insert the T-piece into the remaining open valve socket at the foot of the towel rail.

Step 6

When both are securely in place, nip up each spigot with a ratchet or adjustable spanner. Insert the electric element and tighten. Take care not to over-tighten to avoid damaging the rubber seal.

*The hanging procedure from this point on is the same as dressing and hanging a standard single fuel heated towel rail*

Pair of Milano Minimalist Chrome Straight Radiator Valves

Measuring up your dual fuel heated towel rail

Step 1

Measure the width of your heated towel rail to work out the central point. Then, measure the distance from the collector to the middle of the brackets to guarantee the towel radiator will sit properly on the wall when fitted.

Step 2

Measure the distance from the collector to the centre of the brackets. Then work out the distance between the brackets, again noting the central point on both the top and bottom sets.

Step 3

Measure the distance from the foot of the towel radiator to the middle of the bottom brackets. Mark that central point on the wall the towel rail will be installed on using your pencil. At this point, you can also calculate where the ‘top bottom’ bracket will be placed, and record that point on the wall as well.

Step 4

Guided by your bracket measurements, measure along where both bottom brackets will be fitted, using a spirit level to ensure the line is straight.

Step 5

Record a measurement from the bottom bracket to the top bracket, again using a spirit level to record the distance on the wall. Then use your bracket measurements to mark where the holes will go for the top brackets on the wall.

Man using large yellow spirit level

Completing your dual fuel heated towel rail hanging

Step 1

Fix the brackets to the wall in line with your markings, using the spirit level to make sure they’re level.

Step 2

Perform a final measurement check to ensure the brackets are being mounted in the right position, then carefully attach your heated towel rail to the wall.

Step 3

Insert the top brackets first, so you can make any minor alterations that might be needed to the bottom brackets.

Step 4

Screw in the retention screws to make sure the towel radiator is securely mounted to the wall. When secured in place, the bracket covers can be attached to deliver a smooth, clean finish.

Step 5

To complete the final fitting to your central heating system, use the services of a qualified professional, then you can set about enjoying your brand new dual fuel heated towel rail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any type of heated towel rail is appropriate for installation in a small bathroom. Standard central heating towel radiators, plus electric heated towel rails can both be used to populate a small bathroom. Or, you could opt for dual fuel towel rails that can work either from a boiler or independently via their electric heating element.

Your own unique heating requirements and preferences can practically decide which type of bathroom towel radiator you select. For more information, consult our blog, What are the best heated towel rails for small bathrooms?

Dual fuel heated towel rails work through an included electric heating element as well as the central heating system within a property.

The heating element itself can be fitted via a T-piece adaptor, which enables the user to include a heating element whilst the towel rail is plumbed into the central heating system simultaneously.

In contrast with ‘standard’ heated towel rail models, dual fuel components are operational in the absence of a central heating system. Therefore, in working via an electrical supply only where necessary, they can warm up individually, when other components relying on the central heating system could not do if it was switched off.

For a more detailed insight, take a look at our blog, What Is A Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rail?

A dual fuel heated towel rail is a towel rail which is connected to both a property’s central heating system as well as a mains electricity supply.

Typical heated towel rail models will heat up when the central heating is turned on, and deliver warmth in cohesion with the other components in the house that operate via the same means. Dual fuel heated towel rails can contrastingly work in the absence of central heating, and be powered electrically instead.

For a more detailed insight, take a look at our dedicated blog on the subject – What Is A Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rail?

Dual fuel defines the use of both gas and electricity, provided by the same energy supplier.

For example, a dual fuel radiator or heated towel rail utilizes energy from electrical and gas sources, most likely the mains electrical supply and the central heating system within a home or property.

Dual fuel heating devices are typically very energy efficient and economically friendly.

For further information, browse our blog, What Is A Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rail?

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