Heated Towel Rails

Can you think of a better feeling than wrapping yourself in a warm, dry towel when you step out of the bath or shower? We didn’t think so! That’s why we've put together a collection of the very best towel rails and towel radiators to help you add some affordable style, luxury and warmth to your bathroom space. We like to call it “heating made cooler” and there’s a wealth of stylish options for you to do just that!

At BestHeating, all our heated towel rails and towel radiators are available in a huge range of styles, sizes and finishes to suit every kind of bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite.

Our selection of bathroom radiators and towel rails includes -

and so much more!

Discover curved, straight and ladder-style towel rails to suit your space, and choose from an eclectic mix of modern minimalist towel rails or more traditional towel radiator designs in a range of stylish finishes to suit your home.

Luxury Heated Towel Radiators

A heated towel radiator is a simple and affordable way to bring a touch of spa-like luxury to your bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite. Busy family bathrooms will benefit from heated towel rails that provide excellent heat output and plenty of towel storage.

But, if your bathroom is a little smaller and lacking in wall space, don’t worry – we have a wide and varied choice of compact heated towel radiators that deliver outstanding warmth without taking up too much space.

Bathroom Radiators & Towel Rails

For the ultimate in comfort and luxury, position your new towel rail near to your bath or shower enclosure to give you access to the stack of warm, dry towels that are just waiting to be used. Whether we’re in the deep dark depths of winter or it’s fresh and sunny outside, there are few experiences that can match the feeling of a warm and cosy towel in the bathroom - and our collection boasts a range of towel rail styles to enable you to never want for warm towels again.

A Wide Heated Towel Rail Collection

All towel radiators in the BestHeating range are protected by anthracite & white, powder coat, stainless steel or chrome finishes – with a stunning collection of coloured towel radiator styles available if you want to add a pop of individuality to your bathroom space.

Both decorative and durable, our selection of affordable heated towel rails offers something for any style and size of bathroom. Choose from efficient aluminium towel rails or more robust steel towel rail design – whichever you prefer, there’s a towel radiator that will fit the bill!

With such a varied choice of styles and superb heat outputs across the collection, you’re just a click away from adding an important and practical finishing touch to your bathroom.

Free Towel Rail Advice & Free UK Delivery

For help and advice on selecting the perfect towel rail or bathroom radiator check out our Ultimate Towel Radiator Buying Guide.

With our extensive range of bathroom heating options it really is easy to find the perfect towel radiator and don’t forget, we offer free Uk delivery, as standard, on every order!

Trust the experts at BestHeating.com and add a little affordable style to your bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite to make your bathroom heating cooler!

Are heated towel rails a good idea?

They are, for both bathroom heating, en-suite spaces and cloakroom suites too. Heated towel rails have many benefits that you can enjoy all year round. They help to take the chill out of your bathroom in the winter and supply warm and dry towels at any time of the year. So whether you’re showering down after a workout, or waking up to sub-zero temperatures, your heated towel rail can be used to provide just what you need when you need it, whatever the weather.

Do heated towel rails heat the bathroom?

When compared to a radiator of similar size, a heated towel rail is usually not capable of the same heat output as its radiator counterpart - and they can take a little longer to reach their top temperature too. However, as long as your towel rail is sized correctly - and you can use our BTU Calculator to do this - it should still be more than capable of making your bathroom a warm and inviting space.

How do heated towel rails work?

How your new towel rails works will depend largely on the type of towel rail you purchase. At BestHeating there are three distinct types of towel rail - hydronic, electric and dual fuel.

Hydronic heated towel rails are connected to your central heating - just as a standard radiator is. Your boiler will then pump hot water round your heating system and through each of the rails on your towel radiator - warming your towels and warming your room too.

Electric towel rails - as the name probably suggests - are not connected to the central heating system but are powered by a hardwired socket that uses electricity from your mains power supply. They are filled with a heating solution which is warmed by means of a heating element. This type of towel rail offers you several benefits and they can be used without the need to switch on your central heating - making them ideal summer heating appliances - as you can still have warm towels without heating your entire home.

Dual fuel towel rails are a combination of both hydronic and electric towel rails and can operate alongside your central heating or independently from it, depending upon how you choose to use them. Featuring a connection to your mains central heating and also supplied with an electric heating element too - these clever towel rails make best use of both approaches to heating your bathroom space and are ideal for when you just want to warm the bathroom and not the whole house.

Do I really need a towel rail?

That depends on what you want to achieve. Research suggests that the quicker a towel dries the less bacteria is formed on it - and a heated towel rail is sure to speed up the drying process of your towels whether you make use of it in a bathroom or kitchen. This is probably more important now than ever before - with cleanliness and awareness of germs heightened since the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether you really need a heated towel rail does depend on a few factors, though. If you have a large family and lots of people making use of the bathroom space, ensuring you have space for a large number of towels in the bathroom is a must. A similar approach can be considered for ensuites and cloakrooms too - where clean and dry towels are always a welcome sight.

A radiator will of course provide warmth and comfort and you can drape a towel or two over the top of the larger appliances, but nothing quite compares with the practicality that a heated towel rail provides in a bathroom space. Ample room for towels and a heat output high enough to warm the space it's in is enough reason to answer “yes” to the question, do I really need a towel rail?

Heated Towel Rails

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