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Infrared Panel Heaters

Say hello to the future of simple and affordable electric heating with our range of Infrared panel heaters. These innovative electric heating panels are perfect for those looking for a stylish, efficient, and cost-effective way to heat their homes. These discreet and modern heating solutions can be wall mounted to blend into a contemporary decor and are available with or without a frame to suit your interior style.

Why choose Infrared panel heaters from BestHeating?

Infrared panel heaters stand out as a cutting-edge heating solution, combining advanced technology with a myriad of features, to provide an unparalleled heating experience. Here's why opting for infrared panel heaters is not just a choice for warmth, but a decision for modern, efficient and eco-friendly home heating.

Efficiency elevated through technology

Our collection of Infrared panel heaters are equipped with Wi-Fi controls, offering you the convenience of remote operation. With a dedicated app (available for free download on both the App Store and Google Play), you can effortlessly control your heaters from anywhere, maximising flexibility and enhancing customisation.

Smart home integration

Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible, our Infrared heating panels allow users to seamlessly integrate them into their smart home ecosystems. Voice commands and automated routines bring a new level of convenience, making the heating experience both intelligent and user-friendly.

Customisable scheduling for everyday convenience

A 24/7 schedule and timer mode, accessible through the app, enables you to program your heating preferences and tailor them to your individual routines. This not only enhances energy efficiency but ensures a personalised and comfortable environment when you want it, and how you want it too!

Multiple heater connections

The app also allows for the addition of multiple electric heaters to be controlled from one device, providing a centralised platform for managing heating across different rooms or zones in your home. This feature enhances overall control and coordination, optimising energy usage and helping you to reduce bills.

Rapid heat intensity and efficiency

Infrared panel heaters boast the ability to reach full heat intensity very quickly. Their unique technology efficiently recycles heat without losing it to draughts, ensuring that the warmth generated is used effectively to maintain comfort.

Versatile remote control and thermostat

The remote control included with your panel heater, not only manages the device but also functions as a thermostat. You can place it anywhere in your chosen room, to ensure accurate temperature readings and responsive heating adjustments.

Safe & maintenance-free operation

These electric heaters are not only user-friendly but also require minimal maintenance. Their quiet operation adds to their overall comfort level, creating a serene environment in any room.

Space-saving, IP65 rated design

With both framed and modern frameless designs available, these heaters not only add a touch of sophistication to the space but are also space-saving. The IP65 rating makes them suitable for bathroom installation too, enhancing their functionality.

Easy installation with standard UK plug

Featuring a standard UK plug and a 1.5m length cable, installation is more than hassle-free. Fixings for wall mounting, alongside brackets, screws, and plugs, simplify the setup process and give you everything you need to get your new infrared panel heater on the wall of your chosen space.

What makes infrared panel heaters different from normal radiators?

  • Targeted heating - Unlike radiators, that heat the air through convection, infrared heating panels heat specific areas and disperse heat directly to you instead, preventing wasted energy in unused spaces.
  • Cost-effective - Lower your energy bills and enjoy a more cost-effective heating solution with infrared technology that is 100% efficient.
  • Instant warmth - Feel comforting heat from the very moment you switch on the panel, no waiting for the air to warm up.
  • Space-saving style - The slim design mounts discreetly on wall, freeing up valuable floor space.

Frequently asked questions - Infrared panel heaters

How do infrared heating panels work?

Answer: Infrared panel heaters work by emitting infrared radiation that directly heats objects and surfaces in a room, rather than warming the air like standard radiators. This provides efficient and targeted heating.

Are infrared heating panels energy-efficient?

Answer: Yes, infrared heating panels are generally considered energy-efficient. Their ability to heat objects directly reduces heat loss through convection, leading to lower energy consumption compared to traditional heating methods.

Will Infrared heating panels save me money on my heating costs?

Answer: Yes, infrared heating panels can contribute significantly to cost savings over time. Their efficient heating method and ability to target spaces allows for more control over energy outputs - potentially leading to reduced heating bills.

Are infrared heating panels safe?

Answer: Yes, infrared heating panels are very safe. As they operate without burning any fuels, they eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide emissions and have features such as temperature and overheat protection for added safety too.

Can I use an infrared panel in my bathroom?

Answer: Yes, our range of infrared panels are IP65 rated, making them suitable for bathroom installations. We’d advise you check the specification in the tab on product pages for further information.

Do Infrared heating panels use a lot of electricity?

Answer: They are exceptionally efficient heating appliances. Infrared panel heaters are designed to use as little energy as possible, while maintaining a comfortable warmth for your chosen space.

Want to learn more about Infrared panel heaters?

Discover more about these modern electric heaters in our ultimate infrared heating guide. Learn more about our product range, explore the way infrared heating panels work, and get help and insight into making the best heating choices. And don’t forget, if you have a heating question, you can check out our extensive FAQs for more info and guidance on common heating questions.

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