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Top 5 vertical central heating radiators

When you think about your central heating system, you probably think of a purely functional system that keeps your home warm.

But, the great thing about vertical radiators is that they turn your central heating into a stylish statement feature. Plus, the vertical design provides space-saving solutions for both large and small rooms. 

In this radiator round-up, we’ll take you through our top five vertical central heating radiators. We will introduce you to a diverse range of modern and traditional designs to help you find the perfect vertical radiator for your home.

Milano Aruba

If you’re looking for a modern vertical radiator with the most variety of colour options, the Aruba range is just what you need. 

With twelve stylish finishes available, the Aruba vertical radiators give you the option to inject a playful sense of interior design into your central heating system.

These slim panel radiators provide a modern aesthetic. The smooth oval shaped design creates a unique feature that is worlds away from the standard box convector radiators that central heating is known for.

Interior blogger Sandra over at @the_idle_hands designed a dreamy bedroom for her daughter. We love the choice of the sage green Aruba vertical radiator against the beautiful marble feature wall.

Featured radiator:

Over at @jessysdreamhouse, there was only one vertical radiator that was going to work for this pink palace and of course that was the pretty pink Aruba! 

This central heating radiator match the pink living room decor perfectly. Plus, the slim vertical design also makes use of the narrow wall space to create extra space elsewhere for additional pieces of furniture.

pink vertical radiator in a living room

Featured radiator:

Milano Windsor

Whether you love period style decor or cosy boho interiors, our vertical Windsor central heating radiators look beautiful in every home.

The chunky mild steel vertical columns provide an impressive heat output to keep large spaces warm and inviting. But, with narrow double column options, our vertical Windsors are also perfect for adding character to small spaces too.

When it comes to designing your dream home, the small details bring it all together. With a choice of timeless metallic finishes like antique bronze and copper, you can match your fixtures and fittings to your central heating and create a considered colour scheme. 

Kitchen Windsor

We love how @northwest_semi matched their beautiful bronze kitchen tap and cabinet handles with our vertical metallic bronze Windsor.

The timeless column design and beautiful bronze finish brings every detail together perfectly.

bronze vertical radiator in a modern kitchen

Featured radiator:

@the.sussex.house decided to go for a clean white finish and traditional tap valves to complement their elegant period style decor. We love this simple, timeless space that invites comfort and calm.

white vertical column radiator in a period home

Featured radiator:

Dual fuel Windsors

Another fantastic benefit of the vertical Windsors is that they are available in dual fuel options. This means that they can work with your central heating system or independently from it as an electric radiator. 

The dual fuel functionality is great for reducing your home heating energy usage and costs. For example, if you installed a dual fuel radiator in the bathroom, you could connect it to your central heating system during the winter.

Then in the summer when the heating is off, you can still heat the bathroom by using the radiator as an independent electric heater.

dual fuel vertical column radiator on a panelled wall

Milano Icon

With a stylish mirrored central panel, the Milano Icon vertical designer radiator is the ultimate space-saving feature. Perfect for hallways, bedrooms or dressing rooms that require a full length mirror, but has limited wall space.

These contemporary central heating radiators feature clean lines and slim flat panels inspired by minimal Scandinavian design. Choose from modern anthracite grey or neutral white.

The stylish mirror insert provides an extra functional and decorative feature. Plus, it is also designed to bounce light around the room and make small spaces feel bigger, brighter and more inviting.

vertical mirrored radiator in a minimal room

Featured radiator:

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Milano Skye

For a vertical modern radiator that provides a powerful heat output with minimal weight and impact, the Milano Skye central heating radiator is the perfect choice. 

Featuring modern wide flat panels and a choice of white or anthracite finishes, the Milano Skye collection is a great option for modern homes looking to add style and efficiency to the heating and decor.

Aluminium benefits

Constructed from high quality aluminium, these impressive vertical radiators are far more lightweight than steel or cast iron. Therefore, if you are looking to heat a room with internal walls like stud walls, these aluminum radiators are safe to install wherever you need. 

In addition, another benefit of these flat panel vertical radiators is that aluminium heats up much faster than steel. This means that you can improve the efficiency of your central heating system.

Plus, you could reduce your heating costs since the radiators require less water to function and reach their maximum temperature.

vertical aluminium radiator in a grey living room

Featured radiator:

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Lazzarini Way – Ischia 

Finally, for a central heating radiator that is completely out of the ordinary, meet the Lazzarini Way Ischia.

This modern minimal radiator is characterised by simplicity, clean lines and a beautiful colour palette. 

Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, the stylish chrome towel bar adds another contemporary design feature. Plus, it provides a functional space to dry and display towels.

Designed to stand the test of time and provide the focal point for any room, these attractive vertical radiators are made from durable carbon steel.

Ischia colour options

Choose from a selection of contemporary finishes to complement every interior style. 

The soft mineral quartz finish creates a calming feel and looks beautiful paired with warm earth tones and boho furnishings. Similarly, white and anthracite work well with monochrome interiors inspired by Nordic design.

modern beige vertical radiator in a grey room

Featured radiator:

Frequently Asked Questions

It is true that the addition of modern vertical radiators can boost property value to a decent extent. It was estimated as recently as 2021 by property experts that swapping outdated rads for attractive, energy efficient versions could put up to an extra £10,000 onto a home valuation.

Furthermore, considering the estimated cost to switch up old radiators for contemporary vertical models throughout the home would be in the region of £5,000 in a typical UK household, the scope exists to turn a profit for those willing to complete the swap.

To find out more, browse our dedicated blog, Vertical radiators – Pros & cons.

Vertical radiators are generally considered to be a more versatile option than their horizontal counterparts for a few reasons. With regards to horizontal radiators, the likeliest prospect is that they are to be installed beneath a window, which will typically be the coldest area of a room. However, with modern properties usually featuring double glazing, the need to place a radiator close to a window is reduced.

And vertical designer radiators present a multitude of possibilities in terms of their fitting location – a tall radiator could feasibly be placed in a narrow gap between pieces of furniture, or to adorn virtually any wall space and create a style statement. As such, the profile of vertical radiators present any buyers with the scope to adjust the layout of their room, whether it be a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living area, as opposed to simply performing a straight swap in the same spot with horizontal rads.

Plus, the obvious space-saving element associated with vertical radiators ensures extra versatility in comparison with horizontal versions.

To find out more, take a look at our dedicated blog, Vertical radiators – Pros & cons.

Vertical radiators offer numerous advantages for households, inclusive of a space-saving design that provides versatility for practically any style and layout of a room.

With a plethora of designs available, vertical radiator models work equally as effectively as horizontal versions, and the fact that their profile ensures a space can be designed around them ties in with their ability to increase the valuation of a home as well.

For a more detailed insight into all the virtues and benefits that vertical radiators provide, explore our blog, Vertical radiators – Pros & cons.

Generally speaking, vertical radiators are an excellent kitchen radiator choice, as they can usually be fitted in narrow galleys and compact crevasses often found in kitchen areas.

Our Kitchen Radiator and Heating Guide includes plenty of advice and inspiration surrounding some of the very best kitchen radiator ideas to consider implementing in your home.

Vertical central heating radiators can prove more expensive than their horizontal counterparts in many instances, as their stylish, space-saving aesthetic is much sought after.

Despite often providing a less efficient heating solution than horizontal radiators, vertical cast iron-style radiators are favoured by several would-be buyers due to their design. And they still provide an adequate heat output depending on the size and layout of the room they are being fitted in.

Take a look at our dedicated blog, Top 5 Vertical Central Heating Radiators, for a more thorough insight.

Vertical central heating radiators tend to perform less efficiently than horizontal radiators, considering they don’t span the same length to draw up cold air for convection as horizontal models do.

However, there are several vertical central heating radiator designs that will adequately warm up a room, depending of course on the size and layout of the space.

For a more detailed insight into the best options to add to your home, explore our dedicated blog, Top 5 Vertical Central Heating Radiators.

Generally speaking, vertical central heating radiators actually deliver a lower heat output than horizontal radiators. This is due to the fact that they don’t span the same length to draw up cold air for convection as their horizontal counterparts.

That said, there are many vertical central heating radiator options that can provide an adequate level of heat for the space you are looking to warm up.

Take a look at our dedicated blog, Top 5 Vertical Central Heating Radiators, for a more detailed insight.

Need more inspo?

We hope this introduction to our top five vertical central heating radiators has helped you on your way to choosing the best radiators for your home! 

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Or, for a more detailed exploration of our collections, head over to our Radiator Buying Guide.

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