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Top 40 central heating radiator transformations

Looking for a new radiator for your central heating system? Sometimes when it comes to radiator buying, you need to see the before and after to help you visualise how you could switch up your space. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite central heating radiator transformations from our lovely customers!  

If you are thinking about upgrading your heating to an energy efficient electric system to try and reduce your energy consumption and heating bills, the good news is that most of the radiators you will see here are available in electric too!

1. Milano Alpha @our_home_interior_3

We love how much of a difference a simple radiator update can make to your decor, even if the rest of your interior stays the same! @our_home_interior_3 is the perfect example of this.

With its clean lines and anthracite finish, the modern Milano Alpha creates a cohesive look with the minimal monochrome interior and complements the decor compared to the original standard convector. If we do say so ourselves!

2. Milano Windsor @sophiehannahhome

Colourful interior blogger @sophiehannahhome is giving us life with this dreamy turquoise hallway transformation! The white vintage style columns of the Windsor creates such a pretty pairing with the panelling and stands out far more than the old central heating that lived there previously.

3. Milano Windsor @my_grey_place

Interior blogger Mel over at @my_grey_place has completely transformed her bathroom and turned the space into a cosy boho spa! 

We love the choice of the Milano Windsor central heating radiator instead of the modern chrome towel rail to complement the timeless vintage-inspired decor.

4. Milano Aruba @wearethethomasfamily

You might recognise this dark blue beauty from our original TV advert! @wearethethomasfamily have even gone for a similar Safari themed bedroom for their little ones and seeing this transformation in a real habitat makes us so happy!

So don’t be shy, view more blue radiators to create your own transformation.

5. Milano Windsor @the_indigo_house

Interior blogger Laura over at @the_indigo_house disliked the look of her basic central heating radiator so much that she tried to disguise it the best she could!

But with her new @the_indigo_house, Laura is proud to show it off as part of her dreamy shelfie and the chunky columns complement the rustic boho decor far more than before.

6. Milano Alpha @ahouse_to_ourhome

@ahouse_to_ourhome have totally transformed their dining room and created a modern industrial-inspired space with a warm and inviting feel.

If they had decided to keep the original central heating radiator, the bulky design and white finish would stand out against the stylish exposed brick for all the wrong reasons!

We love the choice of the minimal Milano Alpha anthracite radiator to complement the modern decor and dark colour scheme.

7. Milano Windsor @casschung

Homeware and lifestyle store owner @casschung creates such a beautiful boho vibe with her decor and we love the combination of the Windsor columns with the pretty pampas.

Cassie decided to pair her classic radiator with vintage style radiator valves with wooden accent features to finish the look and all the details work together perfectly.

8. Milano Windsor @theoakwoodhome

From a simple convector to stylish columns, @theoakwoodhome used modern black and grey accent features including our anthracite Milano Windsor to draw the eye around the hallway and create beautiful points of interest in their new build.

9. Milano Alpha @home_sweet_home_46

Rosie over at @home_sweet_home_46 swapped her standard central heating radiator for a modern white Milano Alpha and the clean lines and minimal design of the new radiator complement the beautiful modern decor and dreamy accessories. Don’t you agree?

10. Milano Alpha @home_sweet_home_46

Moving into the hallway, Rosie swapped another convector radiator for a Milano Alpha designer model and she loves the new look so much that she decided to remove the shelf and create a statement feature with the radiator all by itself.

11. Milano Windsor @home_made_in_scotland

It is almost hard to believe that this is the same small bathroom, but it really is! With a vintage-inspired Windsor column radiator and some beautiful DIY panelling behind it, @home_made_in_scotland have transformed a simple space into a period style beauty.

12. Milano Windsor @love.to.be.home

@love.to.be.home have designed a super stylish bedroom for their son and swapped the Type 11 central heating radiator for a timeless column alternative. The new Milano Windsor brings a sense of period character to the contemporary decor and the double column design provides plenty of heat for a cosy night’s sleep.

13. Milano Aruba @gems_1920s_home

You may think that vertical central heating radiators seem like they would take over the space, but they actually help you save it!

@gems_1920s_home swapped a standard convector for a contemporary Milano Aruba and the vertical design has created more space around the radiator, making the room feel bigger.

The attractive anthracite finish also complements the black accent features and the optional towel rail provides extra storage for drying towels.

14. Milano Alpha @no4maple

In some interiors, a great way to make a statement feature with your radiator is to disguise it and @no4maple is the perfect example of this! 

The white convector radiator attracted your attention before the renovation instead of allowing the focus to be on the contemporary decor. 

But now, you can barely see the matt black vertical Alpha radiator hidden on the black wall and the narrow design has enabled them to use the extra wall space to create a stylish alcove unit.

15. Milano Bow @bellawhiteley

@bellawhiteley has turned her 70s bathroom into a spa-inspired sanctuary and swapped a tired convector for a shapely @bellawhiteley with plenty of surface area to dry and store towels. 

The decision to move the radiator also created additional space for the contemporary modular vanity unit and improved the overall layout of the room.

16. Milano Windsor @hendrixandgray

It is quite incredible that this is actually the same living room! Katie over at @hendrixandgray has turned a tired looking living room into a modern, industrial-inspired dining space featuring our vertical Milano Windsor

The anthracite finish and the chunky columns of the vertical radiator work so well with the other natural materials in the space to give the look an intentional unfinished feel.

17. Milano Aruba @annie.bakes.cakes

When it comes to designing a functional kitchen, having suitable countertop space and storage units is essential. By upgrading a boxy convector to a slim vertical Milano Aruba@annie.bakes.cakes was able to move the radiator and utilize a tonne of extra wall space to build a contemporary fitted unit!

18. Milano Alpha @woolleysforeverhome

@woolleysforeverhome were able to create a similar contemporary design with their new @woolleysforeverhome and extend the worktop to allow more room for preparing food. It’s a win-win!

19. Milano Windsor @ashley_styles_home

The bathroom should be a space of tranquility and relaxation and @ashley_styles_home has created just that with this beautiful neutral bathroom transformation. 

The low level Milano Windsor column radiator utilises the space perfectly under the window and by moving the position of the previous central heating towel rail, they were able to create extra space for a beautiful vanity storage unit.

20. Milano Windsor @emma_claire_flowers

We love how @emma_claire_flowers has transformed this kitchen and created a bright fresh look whilst still retaining a cosy country style feel. 

The double column design of the lovely white Windsor enhances the rustic details and makes the walkway feel wider since it can produce enough heat from a narrow design compared to the old central heating radiator.

21. Milano Windsor @lemonsandlimes_1

Fancy a tipple? @lemonsandlimes_1 have created the perfect spot! Trading an old convector and pale yellow scheme for an attractive anthracite Windsor, exposed brick aesthetic and romantic lighting, this cosy corner is now the dream date night location.

old radiator on a yellow wall
anthracite column radiator on a brick wall

22. Milano Windsor @little_york_house

Scandi boho interior blogger @little_york_house transformed her bedroom and replaced a standard convector radiator for a charming Windsor and the white columns make a lovely statement piece below the beautiful bay window.

white convector radiator in a bedroom during a renovation
white column radiator under a window

23. Milano Windsor @hornsby_home

Creating a comfortable working environment that inspires wellbeing is now more important than ever and @hornsby_home has done just that.

The class Milano Windsor column radiator provides plenty of heat for a cosy home office and the traditional design is simply beautiful with the charming mid-century modern decor.

24. Milano Artle @new_ish_home

@new_ish_home ditched the magnolia walls and chrome towel rail for modern subway tiles, some pretty greenery and a stylish anthracite heated towel rail. The result? A totally refreshed ensuite that feels bright, clean and beautifully put together.

25. Milano Aruba @helpimahomeowner

@helpimahomeowner turned a plain, functional item into a bold focal feature with a pretty little anthracite Aruba and we love how this is a simple display of how you can easily turn your central heating into home decor! 

26. Milano Aruba @thehouserenovators

With a powerful heat output, the double panel vertical Milano Aruba radiator enabled @thehouserenovators to reduce two standard convector radiators for one contemporary alternative. We love how the clean lines and minimal design of the white Aruba completes the minimal scandi style space.

27. Milano Derwent @beardsmoreplumbing

By redesigning the layout of the room and swapping a small convector radiator for a beautiful Milano Derwent, @beardsmoreplumbing have transformed their bathroom into an elegant space to relax. 

Although the bathroom featured traditional elements previously like the ornate basin, the timeless design of the Derwent heated towel rail elevates the look and turns the heating into home decor.

28. Milano Windsor @insidenumber42

It always makes us happy to see our lovely customers saying goodbye to their radiator covers because it shows just how much they love the aesthetic of their new model and @insidenumber42 is a beautiful example of that. 

The classic columns of the anthracite Windsor paired with the new panelling brings a sense of understated elegance to this charming bedroom.

29. Milano Windsor @laurels_of_love

@laurels_of_love left no detail untouched when they renovated this bathroom and the whole design is indicative of the period style.

The rich maroon colour scheme highlights the classic columns of the Milano Windsor beautifully and complements the traditional feel far more than the old convector.

30. Milano Alpha @tksplumbingandheating

As well as providing a contemporary design element, one of the main benefits of vertical central heating radiators is the space-saving quality and @tksplumbingandheating is a great example of this. 

By utilising the height of the wall instead of the width with the vertical Milano Alpha, they were able to opt for a bigger sofa and still benefit from an efficient heat flow since the radiator isn’t blocked behind the furniture.

31. Milano Windsor @restoring_thegrange

The property over at @restoring_thegrange was clearly blessed with so many original features, minus the central heating radiator! The vintage-inspired Milano Windsor column radiator is a far better match for this impressive entrance and highlights the character of the period details.

32. Milano Aruba @homebysinclair_

By knocking down a dividing wall, adjusting the central heating system by moving and upgrading the radiator and brightening up the decor, @homebysinclair_ have breathed new life into the entrance of their home.

The soft oval panels of the Milano Aruba and the attractive anthracite finish create a clean modern feel with the minimal interior.

old radiator in a hallway before the renovation
modern radiator in a hallway

33. Milano Windsor @spruced_it

Over at @spruced_it, Hellie and Lil have created a more cohesive look with their cosy period style decor by simple convector radiator for a timeless anthracite Milano Windsor.

And because of the multiple column design, they were able to downsize the radiator and utilise the space under the window to improve the heat flow and function of the space.

34. Milano Aruba @welcome_to_number_48

From a standard heat box to an impressive statement feature, @welcome_to_number_48 were able to enhance the layout of the landing, move the doorway and utilise the height of the wall for a contemporary vertical Milano Aruba.

35. Milano Windsor @_home_with_us_

@_home_with_us_ decided to ditch the mustard scheme and the old convector and create a timeless period style hallway with an impressive four column Milano Windsor radiator which complements the ornate tiling and provides a powerful heat output for an inviting welcome home.

36. Milano Aruba @djimbisambartandinteriors

We love how @djimbisambartandinteriors has completely modernised this space and still managed to retain the character and originality of the property. Djimbi swapped the painted grey convector for a curvy anthracite Milano Aruba in a low level design to allow more space for artwork above.

37. Milano Alpha @flissy19

From bathrooms to bedrooms, black accent features are an interior trend here to stay and it is easy to see why over at @flissy19.

Black accessories create a modern, sophisticated look and stand out as focal features when placed on contrasting backgrounds like this stylish Milano Alpha

The matt black finish looks so good next to the black framed mirror and the clean flat panels suit the decor far more than the boxy convector.

38. Milano Windsor @by.makray

In many cases, the flow and function of the space can be improved by rearranging your central heating system and moving the position of the radiators just like @by.makray did

This can help create extra space for furniture, but it can also be beneficial for the room temperature since installing radiators in the coldest part of the room, like under the window, can heat the room faster. 

The traditional columns of the white Windsors also look beautiful paired with the wooden shutters, if we do say so ourselves!

39. Milano Aruba @renovatingno_80

@renovatingno_80 have done an amazing job transforming their master bedroom into a calm, modern space and the clean lines and bright white finish of the new Milano Aruba central heating radiator match the tranquil decor perfectly.

old radiator in a bedroom during renovation
white designer radiator under a bedroom window

40. Milano Aruba @mrsg_no.5

@mrsg_no.5 have created a similar look by swapping their plain convector radiator for a modern matt black Milano Aruba. Now every time they get home, they are welcomed by a contemporary statement feature that is sure to wow their guests. After lockdown that is!

That brings us to the end of our top 40 central heating radiator transformations! We hope these amazing customer homes have inspired you to think about how swapping the design and position of your radiators can make such a difference to the form and function of your living spaces. 

Remember before you replace your existing radiator, you need to compare the radiator heat of the new options to make sure they will provide enough heat for your space. You can easily calculate your heating requirements with our BTU Calculator.

If you do decide to transform your home heating, make sure to tag us on Instagram @BestHeatingUK. We would love to see what you have done with the place!

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