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The UK’s biggest DIY disasters

With DIY comes accomplishment and sometimes disaster…

As new research reveals that a little over nine-out-of-ten homeowners have taken on DIY projects over the last year, leading to 62% of them having to find an expert to fix the damage that they’ve caused.

Show us your DIY disasters

We launched a social competition to encourage those brave homeowners to unveil their biggest and most dramatic DIY catstrophes, with a view to crowning the “UK’s Biggest DIY Disaster”.

In searching for these DIY debacles, we’ve provided expert advice and added know-how for those looking to take on their own projects in the future, and to take as many learnings as we can from those people who entered.

The top three DIY disasters as voted by the nation are as follows…

The ‘open-planned’ kitchen diner

This kitchen diner is partly built and has spent the last 18 months without a complete roof and no central heating as well as wires hanging down from the ceiling.

We advise: Trusted professionals should be used for complicated projects such as this, and homeowners should avoid taking on renovation work that can have serious consequences if done wrong.

The types of projects that involve the enlisting of professional services include electrical work that could cause a fire, structural changes, and major plumbing jobs such as installing a new boiler.

Radiator leak causing bigger issues

When this homeowner thought they’d changed their radiator they didn’t realise that it was poorly fixed to the wall and its valves. The end result was a flooded room which ruined the carpet and walls, meaning the carpet and underlay had to be stripped.

We advise: When making changes to a home, be sure to carefully research and plan ahead of any alterations you wish to make. This way, you can have full confidence that any issues are quickly addressed and successfully rectified. From the initial cost to materials and potential problems that may arise, preparing for every possible outcome will ensure that nothing comes as a surprise and allow the refurbishments to be completed smoothly. Furthermore, following these guidelines will help to keep everyone involved with the work feeling relaxed and happy.

The unfitted kitchen

The kitchen in this property was not fitted properly, instigating a multitude of related issues. The incorrect installation led to cupboard doors not being fitted, in addition to a failure for plinths and worktops to be mounted. As an especially expensive room to update and one that is typically used with great regularity on a daily basis, a botched kitchen renovation can cause major issues for a homeowner.

We advise: It is best to set a clear budget of what money you are willing to spend, and add a little extra on top as a contingency reserve for any renovation work, especially considering the cost of purchase for new appliances and cupboards. If multiple changes are to be made, list them in order of priority and, if possible, take on the most expensive update first to reduce the risk of financial stumbling blocks moving forwards.

Other DIY nightmares

In addition to the aforementioned, other DIY nightmare submissions included; a large hole beneath a plug socket which had led to poorly filled foam within the walls, a shower head held in place by a microphone stand due to a broken bracket, and a roof leaking into a loft area.

As the nation has taken to renovating their homes, there have been plenty of mishaps from projects that have caused a disaster and made a property feel unliveable. We hope our advice raises awareness of the importance to plan and implement a project correctly.

John Lawless – BestHeating Content Marketing Manager

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