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Discovering Milano ‘Middle Connection’ Radiators

At Best Heating, we’re always looking at new and innovative ways to bring a sense of long-lasting style and functionality to your home heating; introducing more practical and easy-on-the-eye products to our collection whenever (and wherever) we can.

Enter a new twist on our most popular range of radiators – The Milano Aruba ‘Flow’ from heating specialists, Milano Heating.

Featuring centrally located valve inlets – that offer greater efficiency and a chic modern finish – the Milano Aruba Flow range is a stylish and practical extension to an already hugely popular collection.

What’s So Different About The Milano Aruba ‘Flow’?


You could be forgiven for thinking – “it’s just another radiator” – but the Flow range offers you a little more room for manoeuvre than most of our ‘hot boxes’ and the middle valve connectors mean that a ‘guaranteed flow’ of water around your radiator lets the Aruba Flow really live up to its name.

Standard radiator design will often mean you have to leave around 10cm (100mm) at either side of the radiator, in order to accommodate the valves and give you plenty of room for pipework.

However, the Aruba Flow range features cleverly designed middle valve connectors that allow you to easily hide away pipework and create a sleek and slender finish to your new radiator, instantly.


But the work of the central connectors doesn’t end there.

The position of the valves is integral to creating a constant flow of water inside the radiator.

Their central location (positioned alongside one another) effectively means that water is more actively forced around the internal workings of the radiator – creating a steady and constant ‘flow’ that reduces cold spots on the surface of the radiator and allows the radiator to reach its optimum temperature more rapidly than before.

Space-saving At Its Most Convenient

This new design is a great way to squeeze a vertical radiator into the tightest of spaces, making the Milano Flow Vertical range a great heating option for a hallway, small bathroom or ensuite, or even a galley-style kitchen.

The Flow collection works brilliantly with a range of H-Block radiator valves but is equally as adept at making use of a selection of thermostatic valves and accessories too.

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Like with all Milano Heating radiators and towel rails, each radiator in the Flow collection comes with an impressive 20-year guarantee and every radiator has been stringently tested to conform to BS-EN442 standards, meaning you can be guaranteed of the very best home heating products that money can buy.

So, if you’ve been searching for a way to hide away pipework and give your home heating a really sleek and contemporary look, then the new Milano Aruba Flow range of vertical and horizontal designer radiators could be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Browse the range now and discover a world of stylish, space-saving wonder.

Stay Safe & Happy Heating.

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