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How To Fit Valves To A Radiator

In this guide, we show you how to upgrade your old radiator valves with TRV’s.

By doing this you’ll be improving the efficiency of your heating system.

Watch the video guide or follow the simple steps below for full instructions on how to install TRV’s to a radiator.

Before buying TRV’s you’ll need to decide what style you want – angled or straight – use our Radiator Valve Guide to help you make the right choice.

Also, it’s important that one radiator in the house hasn’t got a TRV fitted, this is to create a bypass should all the TRV’s knock off.

What Tools Do I Need?

You will require –

Fitting TRV's_2_Tools

How Do I Install TRVs?

So let’s get started on putting some new valves on your radiator!

Step 1 – Remove The Old Valve

Begin by removing the old radiator valve and tail using the pump pliers and an adjustable spanner.

Fitting TRV's_3_REmoving valve
Fitting TRV's_4_Removing valve_2

Step 2 – Cut The Olive

Using the hacksaw cut a line through the olive, but be careful not to nick the copper pipe.

Fitting TRV's_6_cutting brass loop

Step 3 – Split & Remove The Olive

Using the flat-headed screwdriver split the olive and remove it.

Fitting TRV's_7_opening brass loop

Step 4 – Wrap Up Your New Valve Tail

Once that’s done, wrap the PTFE tape clockwise around the radiator valve approximately 17 times.

Fitting TRV's_8_PTFE Tape

Step 5 – Insert Tail & Fit Valve

Put the valve onto the tail and knock it on with the adjustable spanner to ensure it’s fully pushed into the valve.

Fitting TRV's_9_Tail Valve_1

Then, hold the valve with the pump pliers and nip up the tail nut using the adjustable spanner.

Fitting TRV's_12_Tail Valve_4

Once the TRV’s are fitted you’ll then need to fill the system back up.

Fitting TRV's_14_Tail Valve_6

Don’t Forget To Let Us Know!

If you’ve got any burning questions or need advice from the experts, be sure to send in your questions.

We may feature them in our next blog post, too. Questions can be sent via the comments section below, Facebook or Twitter.

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