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Column radiators – A modern classic

The Column Radiator has been around since the heady days of Victorian England; and you know the old saying – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Whether it’s in the home or the office, column radiators continue to remain a classic of many an interior and it’s easy to see why.

With warmth distributed across a range of vertical columns (hence their name), column radiators offer a comforting and radiant heat and – if you go for a more retro style – will help evoke a real sense of a bygone era.

But the benefits of getting your hands on a new column radiator don’t stop there.

Modern radiator design means that when it comes to choosing how you want to heat your home, there is now more choice than ever before.

However, despite the huge number of options available, there’s still a demand for the more traditionally styled column radiator.

You could perhaps put this down to people becoming accustomed to conventional home heating (there are still a number of UK homes with old-style radiators) and therefore looking at buying something similar when replacing their radiators.

But I like to think that it has more to do with the fact that they just ooze elegance and style; and either way, you can still benefit from all the modern technology and keep the classic look with a contemporary radiator that’s filled with beautiful columns.

Old country style, new modern technology

Traditionally styled radiators are simple and elegant pieces of kit.

They have that amazing ability (like an expensive watch or some William Morris wallpaper) of turning a basic, functional item into something out of the ordinary; something beautiful.

Morris wallpaper
Peacock and Dragon

If you cast your mind back to your school days or have visited an old hospital ward or two, chances are you’ve spotted old-style cast-iron radiators adorning the walls.

These radiators – usually arranged in two or three columns – were effective emitters of heat, but extremely heavy and difficult to install, so didn’t feature heavily in the homes of all but the moderately well-off and supremely strong!

Jump forward to the 21st century – with all its technology and insight – and solutions have been found that allow anyone to install a column radiator – on budget – in pretty much any room of their home.

Constructed from tubular steel, modern column radiators are lighter and much more heat efficient than their older counterparts and are available in a huge range of sizes and heat outputs too – meaning you’ll find a solution wherever you’re trying to keep warm.

The benefits of a column radiator

A column radiator is the perfect heating solution for a large room with a high ceiling; a space that needs a lot of heat.

With a larger surface area than a standard panel radiator, a tall column radiator will give off more heat and help to raise the temperature of a larger room more rapidly than a conventionally styled convector rad.

Another great benefit of column radiators is their availability in both horizontal and vertical designs, meaning they can be positioned either way.

If you are replacing an old panel radiator under a window for example (which is the most likely place for it to be found), you can save money on not having to move pipework and transform your space into a classically styled Victorian-esque parlour.

Alternatively, with larger spaces, you could create a feeling of grandeur by doubling up on your radiators and introducing a little symmetry to your space. BestHeating customer Debbie from the fabulous @fixingupfarnley has created a striking feature with two vertical column radiators and we absolutely love the result! Get inspired with Debbie’s full radiator revamp and amazing renovation here.

A modern/period radiator

Though ‘modern’ and ‘period’ may sound like two opposite ends of the spectrum, the two meet seamlessly in the middle in our extensive range of column radiators.

To begin with, let’s look at the more traditionally styled horizontal and vertical styles available in the highly popular Milano Windsor range.

These radiators offer outstanding heat outputs – that make them perfect for big family rooms – and all come with extensive guarantees that will see them stand the test of time.

The Vertical Milano Windsor

Milano Windsor vertical column radiator in a dining room.

Helping you to create a classical look that will last, these tall and vertical Milano Windsor radiators offer impressive heat outputs – that help to create a warm and inviting living space – and combine modern and traditional styles. How beautiful does Rebekah’s vertical Windsor look here in her cosy Scandi style home @little_york_houseTake the full tour of this beautiful space with more designer radiator inspiration.

Installing them with a period style TRVs compliments the design even further and again brings the traditional into the 21st century – making a style statement all of its own.

The Horizontal Milano Windsor

If you want to save yourself the trouble of moving pipework and still introduce some elegant traditional style to your home heating, then the answer could be a horizontal radiator.

This beautiful hallway featuring a white horizontal Windsor is another one of our customer favourites @the_indigo_house. Laura has created a classic cosy look with her own modern touch.

Milano Windsor cast-iron style radiator under a shelf.

Talking of modern, column radiators don’t have to be traditionally styled to make a statement; there’s always the designer route too.

Designer column radiators

Our customers have provided incredible feedback about our range of designer column radiators and we’ve received many photos from them showing off just how those radiators have changed the way they look at home heating.

Amanda, aka @the_girl_with_the_navy_kitchen, has chosen a Milano Aruba anthracite designer radiator and made more of a feature out of a functional object to complement her bold style. A great modern twist on the classic design, it helps to save space and looks stunning.

Milano Aruba radiator in a kitchen

Hollie from @homebird15 has made the most out of her wall space with a Milano Alpha vertical radiator and added another modern feature to that cosy corner. Looks like the perfect space to curl up on a lazy Sunday!

Milano Alpha vertical radiator in a living room

Choosing your new column radiator

If you’re thinking of installing a new column radiator in your home, make sure you use our BTU Calculator to work out exactly the right size of radiator for your space.

Buying one that is too large will mean you waste money and energy, too small and you’ll never get warm.

Be sure to fill out your details as accurately as you can and you’ll be one step closer to bringing that stylish new column radiator dream to life!

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