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What does the colour of your home say about you?

Colour me this?

Take a look around the different rooms of your home and you’ll probably be able to pick out the odd colour scheme or two.

Maybe you’ve gone for a pale blue or sea green bathroom or a burnt yellow sunset lounge, but whichever colours you’ve opted for, they actually say more about you than you probably think.

We each interpret colours in a totally different way and we all know that certain colours will make us feel particular feelings – red for warm, blue for cold, that kind of a thing.

But colours don’t only make us feel things, the ones we choose can say a lot about who we are as people and according to one American colour expert (yes, that is actually is a thing), “paint colour is an expression of your personality”.

But what do your home’s different colours really say about you?

Read the BestHeating colour personality test blog thing below and find out who you really are*.

*Please note – you won’t find out who you are, I am not an expert in colour; I just fancied a break from radiators, towel rails and all of that other home heating goodness.


The psychological properties of colour

a picture of a brain showing the psychology of colour

Now, we all know that there are three ‘primary’ colours, but when it comes to colour psychology, you may be surprised to learn that there are actually four of them – red, blue, yellow and green.

Apparently, these colours each relate to different parts of our make up as human beings – the body, the mind, our emotions and the balance of the three of those things together, in harmony.

So let’s look at each of those first and see what they might say about you, before moving on to other more ‘adventurous’ colours.


A siamese red Milano Aruba radiator in a modern kitchen

Red represents the body – our physical assets and attributes – and is one powerful colour.

If you have it in your home, there’s a good chance that you’re a warm, passionate and driven person (or you’d like to be), who’s ready to take on the world.

The effect that the colour red has on us is physical; it actually stimulates us and even raises the pulse rate, giving the impression that time is passing much faster than it is. It’s alive and friendly, but can also sometimes be perceived as aggressive and demanding.

People who like a little red in their world usually can’t stand the monotony of the every day, love to embrace change and are crying out for a little zest in their life.


A blue vertical Milano Aruba radiator in a bedroom

Blue is the colour of the mind or of the intellect, and research suggests that it is the world’s favourite colour (though that colour could be argued as being green, in fact, they even gave it a green name, but in my humble opinion, it’s blue).

Unlike red, it affects us mentally rather than physically and is essentially a soothing colour that will help us to think more clearly and aid concentration.

If you prefer to have blue throughout your home, there’s a fair chance that you view your house as an oasis of calm and tranquillity in an otherwise hectic and demanding world.

It may also mean that you’re a bit of an introvert and prefer to stop indoors with your cool and calming shade adorning the walls, relaxing you and protecting you from the world outside.

Did you know? Astronomers can tell whether an object in space is moving towards us or away from us by its colour. These changes are known as Redshift (moving away) and Blueshift (moving towards) and occur because of the different wavelengths of light.


Milano Aruba - Dandelion Yellow Horizontal Designer Radiator (Double Panel)

In a psychological sense, yellow is considered to be the strongest of the colours.

As the colour of confidence, if you paint a room the right shade of yellow it can lift your spirits and improve your self-esteem, however, select the wrong shade or hue of yellow and it will have the opposite effect entirely, giving rise to fear and anxiety.

Yellow is a great colour choice for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms where it helps to energize and uplift, unlike any other colour.

But it’s probably not best suited to being the main attraction, so if you do intend to go for a yellow interior, try and minimise the amount your slap on because some studies show that people tend to lose their temper more in spaces that are dominated by yellow.


Milano Aruba - Evergreen 1780mm Vertical Double Panel Designer Radiator

Green is smack bang in the middle of the visible colour spectrum, making it the neutral colour of the four psychological primary colours and therefore, the colour of balance.

If you yourself are a fan of green and have it on the walls of your home, you’re likely to be a practical, down-to-earth type of person, that actively tries to maintain a good home, work and life balance.

You’re likely to be dependable, enjoy helping others and after a long hard day at the grindstone, you like to relax with a good book, a session of yoga or some such other calming activity.

What do the other colours say about me?

So, now we have the main ‘primary’ players out of the way, what about the other colours?

What more is there to them than our four main psychologically charged contenders?

Let’s now take a look at some of the other colours in the spectrum and what they do and don’t say about you!


Milano Windsor - Dahlia Purple Horizontal Traditional Column Radiator

Purple – or violet if you prefer – is at the opposite end of the visible light spectrum to red and can help take your awareness to a higher level of thought.

If shades of deep purple or sweet lavender are your thing, you are thought to be amongst the most unconventional and adventurous decorators that there are.

While it can help to create a feeling of intimacy in virtually every room of your home, purple is also seen as a rather glamorous colour and often communicates that something is of the finest and highest quality.

If you’re a purple lover, you’re highly individual, witty and sensitive and probably a little mad and perhaps even dangerous, with an almost overwhelming desire to be different.

We’re fortunate enough to only have one of these types in our office; we couldn’t handle any more (and they know who they are!)


Milano Aruba - Sunset Orange Vertical Double Panel Designer Radiator

Orange is a fun colour and since it’s a marriage of yellow and red, it’s also a stimulating colour that can help with your physical and emotional well- being.

It can help to focus our minds on the need for physical comfort – things like warmth, shelter and food – that sort of a thing.

If you are a fan of the deeper, redder kind of an orange, it is thought that your personality radiates energy and vitality and you tend to be more nurturing and friendly towards other people.

That said, you probably have a tendency to be a little fickle and sometimes indecisive, but on the whole, you get on with most people and try your best (most of the time) to be agreeable.


Milano Capri - Anthracite Flat Panel Vertical Designer Radiator

A home that is dominated by grey, is the home of a person that is impressive and dignified, but not showy – a person that craves order and direction in their lives.

Like in the image above, the home of a grey decorator is meticulously planned right down to the finest details.

If this is you, you are likely to be independent and in control, regardless of the situation, you find yourself in.

Although, if you over-do it even slightly, it may indicate that you’re lacking in confidence and fear being exposed as a fraud; so getting it right and matching it with other colour accessories is incredibly important.


Milano Windsor - Black 1800mm Traditional Vertical Triple Column Radiator

Black interiors are usually associated with sophistication and efficiency and when its twinned with bright white accents it signifies an uncompromising excellence.

It helps to create a perception of seriousness and maturity, which is probably why teenagers of a certain age have a tendency to want to paint their bedroom walls black – well, it’s that or that fact that “nobody understands the pain”.

So entering your moody blackened home is like getting back to your little sanctuary, where the dark comforting surroundings help you to unwind from your day.

As with grey, you’re a cold, calculating and meticulous planner that loves the finer details of decorating a home.


Milano Windsor white column radiator

As you may have already guessed, white is the colour we associate with purity and innocence – you know the deal with the wedding dresses, right?

It is also seen as the colour that marks a new beginning, the wiping clean of the slate and the creation of a blank canvass.

Although it isn’t really a colour that will stimulate the senses, it can help to open the mind to new things and help to give a heightened perception of space.

It is this ‘anything is possible’ type of a quality that sets white apart from the other colours, and is perhaps a reason why so many of us return to it, time and time again.

The colours of the BestHeating homes

In doing the research for this blog, I took a swift and nosey mosey around the office and asked everyone in my building – 52 people in total – what colour their front room was.

So here’s a little bit extra about the people who work here at BestHeating.com and the kind of colours that dominate the homes of our home heating workforce.

Drum roll, please…

The most popular colour you’ll find in the homes of the crew here at BestHeating HQ is grey.

Perhaps that’s because of the sheer number of anthracite (grey) radiators that we have in our store and the effect they have had on the style sensibilities of our team, or maybe we’re all just a bunch of meticulous independent people.

Second to grey – by only a couple of rooms – was white. And again, that could have something to do with all of the white radiators that surround us every single day of our lives here at work.

Who knows, perhaps I’m clutching at straws…

The one thing that I do now know, is that beige, types of beigey cream and burnt yellow creamy beige are incredibly popular colours of choice amongst my colleagues.

Out of the 52 people I polled (annoyed), 12 of them said they had a grey theme in their home, nine said they preferred white, but almost as many said that a ‘form of beige’ was adorning their walls.

But come on guys! Seriously?

New coloured radiator range

So, in an attempt to get my beige-loving colleagues out of their comfort zone (and to introduce you blog lovers to a new range of cool radiators), I thought I’d add a little at the end of this blog about the stunning range of coloured ‘Capri’ radiators from Milano Heating.

We’ve had these on the website for some time now and we’re pleased to announce that they have been really popular with our customers!

With a selection of exciting colours to choose from, there’s a chance for you to upgrade your home’s heating like never before and add a little flair to your space.

So, now you have an idea about what the colours in your home might be saying about you, is it time to make a change?

Could you see yourself adding some extra colour to your home with the help of some coloured radiators?

Let us know what you think on FacebookTwitter and in the comments below.

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