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Who Are Farrow & Ball?

Understated, classy and authentic. Not just the pillar characteristics of Saul Goodman (ha!), but also associated hallmarks of Farrow & Ball, who we are delighted to be in partnership with to provide a stellar selection of coloured radiators.

Founded in 1946, the brand can more than back up their profession to be ‘craftsmen in paint and paper’, taking great pride in marrying artisanal methods with premium quality ingredients for an insatiable end result.

Naturally, we’re ecstatic to be able to offer statement Farrow & Ball finishes on our radiator ranges, and wanted to offer a bit of insight as to why we’re so excited to be working with such reputable paint merchants. So here we go…

Milano Isabel 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator in Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

Farrow & Ball: The Beginning

Dorset pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball met at a local clay pit back in 1946, bonding over a passion to create rich colours from unique and original formulas, through the use of the finest available ingredients.

One a trained chemist and the other an engineer, Farrow and Ball would go on to concoct weird and wonderful finishes in the form of wallpaper and paint from a base in Wimborne in the late 1960s, and that remains the location of company headquarters to this day.

Whilst competitors swayed towards acrylic-based paints with more plastic content and less pigments in the decades that followed, Farrow & Ball remained committed to their original, age-old tried and tested methods to retain the traditional integrity that defines the brand to this day.

That said, the 1990s saw Farrow & Ball embrace the dawn of the digital age too. A website launch in 1999 topped a decade of incredible growth, and followed on from the opening of a flagship showroom in Fulham Road, Chelsea, as well as overseas ventures in Paris, New York and Tokyo.

What Do Farrow & Ball Do?

Now an entirely green company, Farrow & Ball made the bold switch from oil based paints to eco-friendly water based versions back in January 2010. Responsibly sourced wallpapers and recyclable paint tins now further exemplify their commitment towards environmentally friendly practices.

Boasting a social media following in excess of a million across various platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, Farrow & Ball also welcome more than 500,000 visitors a month to their website, and their partnership with BestHeating is just the latest in a long line of associations with reputable brands, some of which are detailed as follows…

Milano Beatrix 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator in Farrow & Ball Duck Green

Farrow & Ball Partnerships

As some indicator of the esteem Farrow & Ball is held in, look no further than their partnership with London’s Natural History Museum, itself recognised as a global authority pertaining to scientific discovery, nature and conservation. F&B work in cohesion with the facility to “capture the true colours of the world around us”, enabling clients and customers to deliver such hues into their own homes.

In particular, Farrow & Ball’s Colour by Nature collection, in association with the Natural History Museum, draws influence from Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, which is recognised in industry circles as a groundbreaking publication assessing colour in nature. The guide explored down to the most minute of details the exact tones displayed on certain parts of animals, minerals and vegetables all around the world, and has proven a vital scientific and artistic resource since.

In addition to this, Farrow & Ball have also teamed with The Rug Company to provide a unique variety of luxury handmade rugs that serve to beautifully complement the F&B colour palette. Rich, bold jewel shades, verve-laden accents and understated neutral tones are all features of the collection.

A Nepal-based traditional weaving house produces the rugs, each designed and crafted to mirror the values and ideals of F&B on the whole – with the use of stellar craftmanship, premium quality materials and a focus on a durable and hardwearing performance.

And last but by no means least, there’s also the California Collection created alongside globally acclaimed designer Kelly Wearstler. Again exclusively produced using only the highest quality water based ingredients, the range evokes connotations of palm-laden streets, sandy highways and blissful shores in an array of versatile tones.

As a Cali native, Kelly couldn’t be better placed to offer an insightful eye and inspiration surrounding stunning colour combinations for beautiful interior décor schemes.

Milano Mercury 3 Column Cast Iron Radiator in Farrow & Ball Railings Grey
The BestHeating Farrow & Ball Collection

The backstory and development of Farrow & Ball, as detailed in this blog, plus their general modus operandi, are each obvious reasons why we’re so ecstatic to be working alongside the renowned paint specialists.

In the BestHeating Farrow & Ball radiator range, the very same principles that define the brand are on full display. An array of deep, earthy tones have been expertly designed to populate our selection of premium quality cast iron radiators, guaranteed to bring a real sense of classic authenticity to your home heating.

Get In Touch With BestHeating

If you would like to find out anything else about BestHeating’s collaboration with Farrow & Ball, or want to know more about any of our premium quality home heating products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can reach us via the comments section below, or contact us via our social channels on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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