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Cast Iron Radiators

Ready to meet your new favourite ensemble cast? Composed of multiple principle performers from Isabel to Beatrix, our beautiful cast iron radiators are here to take centre stage in your home. Designed to capture the look and feel of original Victorian radiators and trained to retain heat much longer than any other radiator type, these crowd-pleasing cast iron column radiators apply their unique character and aesthetic to create stand out focal points in every room.

Let’s Talk Modern Cast Iron Radiators

Classic beauty, modern vibe. You could describe our collection as modern cast iron radiators since they combine contemporary craftsmanship with timeless Victorian-inspired design to provide powerful, energy-efficient heating. Carefully assembled by hand, our floor standing cast iron radiators feature feet on the end sections to allow for a strong and stable installation area suitable for a variety of rooms. Simply select your cast iron radiator size from the drop-down menu. Find out more about our cast iron radiator construction and order process in our cast iron radiator assembly guide.

Hey Cast Iron Radiators UK

From classic beauties to modern minimal models, our cast iron radiator collection is here for every home. Combining quality construction with individual style and attitude, you can rest assured you will find a cast iron radiator you love right here. Get to know the cast members even better in our cast iron radiator guide.

Show Me Cast Iron Radiators For Sale

We want to make sure all of our cast iron radiators for sale are given the quality finish they deserve. After all, you want it to keep its gorgeous good looks for as long as possible right? With this in mind, our cast iron radiators have been hand painted locally in your favourite finish.

Choose one of fine vintage-inspired finishes to give your cast iron radiators that original look you know you want:

Antique Copper Cast Iron Radiators

Antique Brass Cast Iron Radiators

Antique Silver Cast Iron Radiators

Antique Graphite Cast Iron Radiators

Dark Pewter Cast Iron Radiators

Porcelain White Cast Iron Radiators

Burnt Gold Cast Iron Radiators

Slate Black Cast Iron Radiators

Natural Brass Cast Iron Radiators

Full Polish Cast Iron Radiators

Farrow & Ball Cast Iron Radiators

If you love home decor you will probably be familiar with the fabulous British paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball. Famous for their timeless historical colour palettes, we decided to partner up and bring you a beautiful collection of Farrow & Ball cast iron radiators. Whether you decide to colour match your radiator to your wall, or go for a contrasting feature, you are sure to find a finish you love in this dream collaboration. Here come the colours:

F&B Railings Grey Cast Iron Radiators

F&B Eating Room Red Cast Iron Radiators

F&B Duck Green Cast Iron Radiators

F&B Hague Blue Cast Iron Radiators

Sucker For Straight Column Cast Iron Radiators

Combining clean lines with a chunky build, our Milano Alice, Isabel and Mercury cast iron radiators look right at home in any style of interior. Offering the perfect balance of old and new, this collection is ideal for those who are new to cast iron radiators and want to upgrade a standard column radiator for an impressive feature that retains heat for longer. See how our customer Lily transformed her hallway with a stylish slate black Milano Mercury cast iron radiator.

Time For Traditional Cast Iron Radiators

Milano Beatrix traditional cast iron radiators have a captivating, old school presence and charisma that draws the eye in any surroundings. With enticing floral etchings, these attractive cast iron radiators make couple goals with original architecture and fireplaces in grand Victorian properties, and bring a comforting, nostalgic feel to modern new builds. Our Beatrix ornate cast iron radiators are truly timeless beauties that you will never fall out of love with.

Crazy For Curved Cast Iron Radiators

Crazy for curves? Same here. Our glamorous art deco Milano Tamara curved cast iron radiators will be your new obsession. With soft oval shaped columns and classic American styling, Tamara offers a little touch of all our ranges. Perfect if you can’t decide between a laid-back Alice or elaborate Beatrix. Beautifully simple with an effortless elegance, Milano Tamara cast iron radiators offer the bold edge of a straight column radiator with an irresistible softer side.

Down To Cast Iron Radiators Under Window

Don’t get it twisted, cast iron radiators are not just for large rooms with arena size capacity. While these old style radiators may be great at heating sizable properties, our cast iron radiators offer options for snug small spaces too. For example, our low level Milano Mercury cast iron radiators are great for installing in unused space like under windows.

Frequently asked questions about Cast Iron Radiators

You want the truth and nothing but the truth, and we want to make sure you are absolutely certain that a cast iron radiator is for you. So we’ve answered a couple of your FAQs to give you the juicy details you want to know.

Are Cast Iron Radiators Any Good?

Let’s face it, most of us move into homes with standard radiators. So it is understandable if you are not familiar with the real deal cast iron radiators. This leaves many people wondering, are cast iron radiators any good? Or, are they all style and no substance? The truth is, they bring the best of both to the party. Not only do they look like a work of art, they function like a finely crafted machine.

Are Cast Iron Radiators Efficient?

Cast iron radiators are just as efficient as the steel radiators you might be familiar with. They heat up in exactly the same way as other central heating radiators too. But you could argue that cast iron radiators are more efficient than steel radiators because they stay hotter for far longer.

In other words, your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard and use as much energy to heat your home. You can still snuggle down in a cosy living space even when the heating is turned off, which will help to reduce your energy consumption and cost. Just keep in mind, cast iron radiators take longer to heat up than steel. So it is a good idea to turn the heating on early to ensure that your home temperature is just right at the right time.

If you decide to switch all, or most, of your radiators to cast irons, you might make your heating system even more efficient. Think about it, the water that circulates around your cast iron radiator and returns to the boiler is hotter than steel radiators because cast iron radiators stay warmer for longer. This could mean that the boiler uses less energy to reheat the water the next time you turn the heating on, improving efficiency one step further.

Do Cast Iron Radiators Give Off More Heat?

Our powerful cast iron radiators give off more heat than our steel radiators. For example, the hottest cast iron radiator is the impressive Milano Mercury natural brass cast iron radiator 4 column 960mm x 1601mm x 140mm which provides a solid 11147 BTUs at Delta T50. Whereas, the most powerful steel radiator is our Stelrad Regal horizontal four column white traditional cast iron style radiator at 750mm x 1272mm and 8974 BTUs at Delta T50.

Are Cast Iron Radiators Valuable?

Cast iron radiators are exquisite features, and like any great addition to a property, they add value. The quality speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a home adorned with cast iron beauties? Not only are cast iron radiators valuable items, they are investment pieces. Some homeowners even choose to take their cast iron radiators with them to their new place. Or, sell them second hand to give them a new life. Sound good? Get all you need to know about how new radiators can add value to your home

How Long Do Cast Iron Radiators Last?

Each cast iron radiator in our dream team is guaranteed for 10 years. But, with their superior quality construction tested to meet EN442 certification standards, our cast iron radiators should do the job and look the part for much longer.

How Much Do Cast Iron Radiators Cost?

Our lowest cost cast iron is our Milano Alice collection starting at £269.95 for the smallest size 460mm x 218mm. On the other end of the scale, our priciest cast iron radiator is the beautiful Milano Mercury in Natural Brass measuring at 960mm x 1601mm x 140mm for £4,044.95 for the largest size. We have plenty more options in between these price points. So plan your budget and narrow down your favourites.

Do Cast Iron Radiators Come With Valves?

Since there are so many style options to choose from, and individual pipework to consider, all of our radiator valves are sold separately. Cast iron radiators are floor mounted and the inlets are on each side of the radiator. This means that you must pair them with Milano Windsor angled radiator valves with cast iron radiators to complete the classic look.

However, all cast iron radiators come with a standard chrome blanking plug, the bleeding valve, and hand tightened bush ends or caps to allow a choice of connection style.

What Else Do I Need for my Cast Iron Radiator?

If your cast iron radiator weighs over 100kg it will be split into two or more sections to ensure it arrives safely. This means you will need an additional piece of kit called a joining tool to connect each section of your radiator together. But don’t sweat it. We will provide a joining tool and ask that you please return it to us when you are all done with it. You can find out more about the handy extras we provide in our central heating inhibitor guide and central heating inhibitor guide and how to avoid corrosion guide have got you covered.

Are Cast Iron Radiators Safe?

Just like any other radiator, as long as cast iron radiators are installed correctly by a Gas Safe Engineer, carefully secured and there are no potentially damaging leaks, cast iron radiators are perfectly safe.

Please remember that they do stay warm for a long time after the heating is turned off. So be aware that they might still be hot to touch, especially if you have little ones around.

How Heavy Is A Cast Iron Radiator?

All of our cast irons are constructed from, you guessed it, cast iron. Superior quality cast iron in fact. However, how heavy a cast iron radiator is depends on not just the size but the design.

For example, our Beatrix cast irons are heavier than the straight column Alice range. This is because each section of a Beatrix radiator uses more cast iron to create the decorative ornate columns and floral etchings.

The heaviest cast iron radiator we stock at Best Heating is the Milano Beatrix Natural Brass which weighs 275kg and measures 950mm x 1550mm x 205mm.

On the opposite end of the scale, the lightest cast iron radiator we supply is the Milano Alice Low-Level Antique Brass which weighs 11.4kg and measures 460mm x 218mm.

The average weight per cast iron section is around 6kg for a low level Alice, Isabel, Mercury & Tamara, 10kg for the tall Isabel, Mercury & Tamara and 11-14kg for Beatrix.

How To Carry A Cast Iron Radiator

Whatever you do please never attempt to carry heavy cast iron radiators on your own. Even if you think you can manage yourself, it is important that a minimum of two people carry the cast iron radiator to prevent damaging yourself or the radiator.

Another top tip is to always lift the cast iron radiator from the centre and keep the sections vertical. Due to their sectional construction, longer cast iron radiators must be lifted in the vertical position to prevent any flexing. In other words, don’t carry cast iron radiators flat.

How Do You Clean A Cast Iron Radiator?

Cast iron radiators are beautiful creatures, but to keep them looking their best it is a good idea to give them a gentle clean from now and then. Just be sure to avoid any abrasive or acidic cleaners. Get all your cast iron cleaning dos and don’ts in our cast iron aftercare guide

Why Buy A Cast Iron Radiator From BestHeating?

If you’re looking for a cast iron radiator, BestHeating is the place to be. Not only do we offer an eclectic variety of beautiful cast iron colours, shapes, sizes and designs, but when it comes to service, you know we have that down to a fine art too.

When your order is placed you will be contacted by a member of our expert team to confirm your order details and discuss delivery arrangements. You will also receive regular updates from our dedicated cast iron team to ensure you are well informed and happy with the progress.

To make your payment process a little smoother and to help spread the cost of your heating project, we also offer a range of flexible finance options from Klarna to PayPal Credit. Find out more about our radiators on finance.

Cast Iron Radiators UK Free Delivery

Our cast iron radiators will be delivered to you free of charge in the UK, just like all of our other heating beauties. But don’t be too hasty. All great things take time and our cast iron radiators are no exception. Each cast iron is hand assembled to order. This means they are excluded from our standard 30 day money-back guarantee. For more details please visit our Delivery & Returns page.

Questions About Our Cast Iron Radiators?

Question? No problem. Get in touch by email, or give us a call on 0330 027 1490 and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

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