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Corner Radiator Valves

Corner radiator valves are ideal for connecting your radiator to the central heating pipework at a 90 degree angle without the valve head protruding into the room. Whether you want a minimal modern look or a decorative vintage feel, you will find a corner valve to suit your home style.

These sleek little valves will not only give your designer radiators the finished look you want, they’re also available with manual or thermostatic functionality depending on how you prefer to control your heating.

Do I Need Corner Valves?

We recommend using corner valves if your pipework comes out from the wall or along the wall. This will give you the best finish as the valve head will point up or to the side and the smooth corner will look neat and tidy.

You could also use corner valves if your pipes come up from the floor. They would function just the same but the top of the valve would stick out making it easy to walk into!

Still not sure which valves you need? Head over to our radiator valve guide for more information.

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