Silver/Chrome Designer Radiators

If you are in search of an ultra-stylish modern home heating solution that is simple to fit, and delivers a reliable performance for a competitive purchase price, the BestHeating range of silver and chrome designer radiators certainly has something to suit.

What Are Silver/Chrome Designer Radiators?

Silver and chrome designer radiators from BestHeating provide a stunning way to stamp your authority on a space and make a definitive style statement through your home heating devices. A perfect option to accentuate luxurious modern décors, our silver and chrome radiator collection is manufactured from premium grade high-quality steel, and supplied in a massive variety of shapes, sizes and designs to enhance the floor or wall space of practically any room. Furthermore, in addition to incorporating gorgeous aesthetics, our silver/chrome designer radiators also deliver a brilliant heat output to comfortably heat the home. The neutral, reflective radiator finish ensures the appliances can mesh equally as well with dark and light backdrops alike.

A Sharp Chrome Designer Radiator Collection

The chrome designer radiator collection from is packed with sharp contemporary models as well as retro designs to upgrade classic spaces. And such is the aesthetic value of the radiators, they can be considered a beautiful piece of decorative wall art when not in use. Inject a sense of cosmopolitan verve to your property by investing in silver or chrome designer radiators, whether opting for a vertical or horizontal style. What’s more, potential buyers have a decision to make between wall mountable and freestanding silver and chrome radiators depending on looks preferences and the layout and available space in your chosen room.

Heating Made Cooler With Silver/Chrome Designer Radiators

BestHeating’s silver and chrome radiator range physically embodies the mantra of “heating made cooler”. Within the entire collection, you can find a stunning choice of modern designs in both vertical and horizontal styles, each offering supreme performance capabilities on top of striking standout looks. Unsurprisingly given their finish, silver and chrome designer radiators are also included within our mirrored radiator selection, providing a particularly tempting option to adorn the likes of bedroom, bathroom and hallway walls.

Supreme Style Guaranteed With Chrome Designer Radiators

When shopping the ultra-stylish collection of chrome designer radiators from BestHeating, potential buyers can rest assured their purchase is to be backed up with a guarantee of up to 20 years, and look forward to free UK delivery too.

BestHeating takes monumental pride in supplying a superb choice of silver and chrome radiators that expertly fuse stellar performance qualities with eye-catching aesthetics, and making them readily available at a highly competitive price. Our wide spanning chrome radiator range features ideal models to meet any tastes, and to cater to the heating requirements of practically any room within a property. If you would like to narrow down which available options will deliver an adequate heat output for your chosen space, be sure to make use of our BTU Calculator before picking your perfect model.

Shop Silver/Chrome Designer Radiators From BestHeating

Alongside an effortlessly stylish array of classic chrome radiators, there’s a great many contemporary designs that feature in our full range too, including modern silver and chrome electric radiators, which operate very efficiently and preserve energy whilst in use. Our chrome electric radiators incorporate a Bluetooth heating element for remote temperature control via smart devices to help achieve this energy efficient performance. Shop silver and chrome designer radiators online from BestHeating and upgrade your home heating in ultimate style without blasting your budget.

Do Chrome Radiators Emit Less Heat?

Chrome radiators or heated towel rails will typically emit somewhere between 20 and 30% less heat than alternative radiators with painted finishes. The BTU outputs of silver and chrome radiators from BestHeating are listed alongside each product, so you can decide if your chosen model will provide an adequate level of warmth for the room it is to be installed in.

Are Chrome Radiators Prone To Rusting?

Although they are not particularly susceptible to rusting, the effects when it does occur can perhaps be more readily obvious upon silver or chrome radiators. The way in which rusting usually occurs is when heating is switched off during the warmer summer months – chrome radiators will be cool to the touch whilst moist warm air condenses on their surface, with water droplets then running down the rads to rust the metal.

How Do You Tackle Rust On Chrome Radiators?

If it turns out that signs of rust eventually appear on chrome radiators, it is an easy process to combat it. A simple ball of aluminium foil can greatly assist in tackling rust on silver or chrome radiators – just create a loose aluminium foil ball, dip it in water, and rub the foil gently on the affected areas.

Do BestHeating Supply Chrome Electric Radiators?

BestHeating supplies an excellent variety of chrome electric radiators in a range of ultra-stylish contemporary designs of vertical and horizontal profiles. Delivered pre-filled with glycol solution, silver and chrome electric radiators from feature a Bluetooth heating element that allows for remote temperature control, and an extremely energy efficient performance.

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