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Horizontal Designer Radiators

Whilst a staple choice for UK homes, horizontal radiators from BestHeating are anything but generic – the fresh design elements of our modern designer radiator range attest this. Far removed from bland metal box profiles, the BestHeating collection of horizontal radiators are supplied in a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes to enhance contemporary and classic interiors alike.

There’s an ultra-stylish horizontal radiator option to upgrade a living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom or bathroom, with models so aesthetically impressive that they can double up as statement wall art when not in use.

Designer horizontal radiators

Modern designer horizontal radiators are far slicker looking, operate much more efficiently, and provide greater reliability than the outdated simple panel versions that once dominated the market. These new styles from BestHeating now offer a uniquely exciting and creative means to update your home heating without breaking the bank. But do horizontal radiators work as well as vertical radiators? In fact, both styles deliver an identical heat output, so you can make a decision based on your design preferences, paying special consideration to what type of radiator will fit and look best in your chosen space.

Our guide – Vertical or horizontal – Which is the right radiator for my room? is a useful resource for anyone experiencing a radiator style dilemma. Both wall mounted and freestanding horizontal radiators are available to purchase online from BestHeating, as part of a vast collection spanning every style imaginable - from retro cast iron designs to strikingly sleek modern flat panel models and everything in between. Furthermore, our horizontal radiator range is priced very competitively, so you can achieve an ice cool home heating refresh without blasting your budget.

Heating made cooler with horizontal designer radiators

Differentiating from standard or conventional designs, the BestHeating selection of horizontal radiators features a vast array of distinctive models that live up to the heating made cooler motto. There’s horizontal coloured radiators available in an excellent choice of finishes, inclusive of purple, red, pink, green, orange, yellow and blue to match up well with any décor. No matter if you are hoping to create a moody modern vibe or a cosy warm atmosphere, you’ll find a gorgeous horizontal radiator solution to suit, from BestHeating.

Guaranteed horizontal designer radiators

All horizontal designer radiators from BestHeating come complete with a guarantee of up to 20 years, with free standard UK delivery an added bonus. We are proud to supply an excellent choice of horizontal radiators that expertly fuse stunning aesthetics with premium quality performance for an affordable cost.

What’s more, our range includes such a vast array of models that there’s a suitable option to enhance any interior, and to tend to the heating demands of any specified room within a home. The BestHeating BTU Calculator can be used to help you decide which horizontal designer radiator options are viable for your property in terms of providing an adequate heat output, so you can go on to choose your ideal style.

Shop horizontal radiators from BestHeating

At, you’ll find horizontal radiators fit for any room to suit any style preferences. As well as supplying traditional hot water horizontal radiators, we also offer a brilliant pick of modern electric radiators, which operate with the utmost energy efficiency, and can be controlled remotely via their incorporated Bluetooth heating element. Shop horizontal designer radiators online from BestHeating and complete your dream home heating upgrade in supreme style.

What coloured horizontal radiators do BestHeating offer?

BestHeating offer a wide range of horizontal radiators in a vast array of colours – standard black, white, grey and anthracite shades remain popular, and typically simple styles to match up with almost any décor. In addition to these, we also supply horizontal designer radiators in all sorts of more unconventional finishes in association with home heating, like yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, orange, red, gold and silver.

How wide are the biggest horizontal radiators from BestHeating?

The biggest horizontal radiators from BestHeating span 2997mm in width, making for a sizeable home heating addition that would act as a dominant feature in any room. A significant amount of free wall space would be required to comfortably fit BestHeating’s largest horizontal radiator designs, so they might only be viable options for bigger rooms.

How wide are the smallest horizontal radiators from BestHeating?

BestHeating’s smallest horizontal radiators measure up at 218mm wide, and their diminutive profile can provide an ideal solution for compact rooms with limited wall space, like cloakroom suites or small landing spaces. To gain an idea of the contrast between the largest and smallest designs available, our largest horizontal radiators have a width of around 3000mm, some 1800mm wider.

Are horizontal radiators as effective as vertical radiators?

Horizontal radiators are equally as effective as vertical radiators. In fact, a horizontal radiator model will deliver the exact same heat output as a vertical counterpart of the same type. As a result, style preference can dictate which radiator you opt for in your home, and there is no need for any concerns over the provision of an adequate BTU output.


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