Grey & Anthracite Designer Radiators

There’s not many better ways to stay on trend with your home heating than through the addition of a grey or anthracite designer radiator from We offer a brilliant collection of modern radiators manufactured from premium quality steel and aluminium, supplied in a wide variety of sizes and shapes fit to adorn any interior.

The neutral tones of grey and anthracite designer radiators exude effortless sophistication, and will bring a serious sense of culture to any area of the home, all while delivering an excellent heat output to thoroughly warm a space. Grey and anthracite radiators can be considered an especially favourable choice for the likes of contemporary kitchen areas, where they will mesh particularly well with granite worktops or stone surfaces and have been a popular choice for more modern living rooms and bedroom spaces for some time.

Anthracite designer radiator collection

BestHeating’s exquisite anthracite designer radiator collection includes sharp contemporary designs as well as retro models, with several styles doubling up as eye-catching decorative feature fixtures when not in use.

Grey and anthracite tones will typically match up with all sorts of interior colour schemes, adding a glam luxe flavour and a real moody vibe to your home heating. And given that they incorporate a darker shade to many counterparts, a common question asked is do anthracite radiators work more efficiently than other types?

Technically speaking, they do, however the difference in performance is only about 1% better in comparison to lighter coloured radiators. Both horizontal and vertical anthracite radiators are available, with helpful advice to be found in our dedicated blog, Vertical or horizontal – Which is the right radiator for my room?, if you are struggling to select the right option for your home. You can also make the choice between wall mounted and floorstanding anthracite rads in line with your personal preference and what will best suit the space and match your idea of what’s cool and what’s not!

Ultra cool anthracite radiator designs

The BestHeating range of anthracite radiators is populated with a variety of striking modern models that live up to the mantra of “heating made cooler”. There’s horizontal and vertical anthracite radiator styles to meet the requirements and preferences of any and all potential buyers, depending on which type will best suit the layout of your chosen room. And anthracite finishes can be found within our mirrored radiator collection as well, providing a perfect means to update the heating arrangements of a bathroom, bedroom or hallway.

Guaranteed anthracite designer radiators

All grey and anthracite designer radiators from feature excellent product guarantees and free UK delivery is also available. We take pride in offering a premium quality range of grey radiators that fuse sleek aesthetics with supreme construction and performance characteristics, all for a very competitive purchase cost.

Our wide spanning anthracite radiator range features appropriate options for any taste, and to meet the heating requirements of pretty much any chosen room within the house. To help narrow down which anthracite radiator models would suit a specific space in your home, you can use our BTU Calculator before setting about selecting your dream design to discover the perfect heat output you need for your space.

Explore anthracite designer radiators from BestHeating

Of course, classic hot water anthracite radiators feature prominently within our full collection, but there’s also an impressive array of alternative contemporary models too, such as modern anthracite electric radiators, which operate in an extremely energy efficient manner. Furthermore, these electric versions incorporate a Bluetooth heating element that allows for remote temperature control from smart devices and WiFi connections, making them even more convenient! Explore grey and anthracite designer radiators online with BestHeating and refresh your home heating setup with the utmost verve.

Are anthracite radiators more efficient?

Anthracite radiators are technically very slightly more efficient than lighter coloured versions to the tune of about 1 percent. As a general rule of thumb, darker radiators will operate in a more efficient way than brighter options. However, the difference is so small that it shouldn’t really factor into any decision made to invest in anthracite radiators or any other style.

What colour are anthracite radiators?

As a modern shade that perhaps wouldn’t feature on traditional colour palettes, anthracite is a tone not necessarily known to all by name. Anthracite radiators are a dark grey colour, and they will add a touch of modern sophistication to any property. On the current home heating landscape, anthracite radiators have never been as affordable or accessible - and are certain to make your heating cooler!

What are anthracite radiators made from?

A large proportion of the anthracite radiators at BestHeating feature a premium quality steel construction before the application of a gorgeous anthracite finish, but you will also find a superb collection of aluminium radiator ranges and, due to their low water content and slightly less bulky designs, these items are perfect for interior walls. As a result, our anthracite radiator collection is synonymous with affordable modern luxury and convenience.

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