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Electric Towel Rails for the Home

Electric heated towel rails are an increasingly popular home heating vice.

Available in a range of stylish contemporary designs, there’s absolutely no doubting they can benefit your home from an aesthetical perspective.

But are they up to the task performance-wise, as well as stylistically?

Or, a bit like Johnny Bravo or Derek Zoolander, are they just nice to look at with nowt much between their ears?

Here, we explore if an electric towel rail will heat your bathroom adequately, and what advantages or drawbacks they might provide in comparison with designer radiators.

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There’s no point beating around the bush.

You’ve come here to find out whether an electric towel radiator will heat your bathroom to a decent effect, or just sit there looking pretty.

The truth is, electric towel rails certainly have the capability to heat a bathroom space. The size and layout of the area, and the level of warmth you’re looking to introduce to it, are big factors in deciding whether they represent the right option for you.

Our BTU Calculator is your best buddy at this point. Several models are available which deliver contrasting heat outputs, so this can help you make the right call specific to your needs.

Are you choosing between electric towel warmers simply to heat the towels in your bathroom? Or hoping to invest in a source of heating that will offer sufficient energy to properly warm the space even outside of the typically hotter summer months?

Once you know what you want to achieve with your towel heater, you can ramp up your search for the perfect electrically heated version.

Electric Towel Rails for Small Bathrooms

In recruiting small bathroom heating solutions, electric towel rails are instantly advantageous considering their diminutive design compared to radiators. Lots of wall mounted towel rails are available as well, serving to further enhance space.

It’s far more likely that for a compact bathroom or en-suite area, an electric towel radiator will be used as a primary source of heating, rather than to simply dry towels. So look carefully into heat output capabilities, and make sure they align with the size and design of your bathroom space.

Electric Towel Rails for Large Bathrooms

With larger bathrooms, the case may be that a radiator is needed to provide an appropriate level of heat for your specific dimensions.

But that doesn’t mean electric heated towel rails should be dismissed. Even as an extra heating source, they can prove very useful even if it is just to heat the towels. Think of them as a supplementary device that adds a touch of eye-catching designer flair to a large bathroom area. If an electric towel rail can’t deliver the necessary heat output, radiators can be tasked with mainly heating the floor space and areas immediately surrounding the bath or shower.

Is it safe to leave an electric heated towel rail switched on?

Us British love a bargain. And if there’s any way we can keep our home heating costs down, you can bet we’ll have a fair crack at it.

We looked into the possibility that it might be cheaper to leave your heating on all day recently. It’s a worthwhile concern whether it is even safe to leave an electric heated towel rail switched on throughout the day.

Whilst it is not recommended without good reason, there aren’t really any safety concerns linked to leaving an electric heated towel rail switched on if you want to claim a head start in that all-important quest for warm towels.

Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about a negative impact on energy efficiency or increased heating bills. Electric towel warmers operate via an included heating element, and cause no strain whatsoever on your central heating system.

Is an Electric Heated Towel Rail a good substitute for a Radiator?

So many stunning heating options, and only one must do. Right?

Not necessarily.

Whilst electric heated towel rails are an excellent radiator substitute in smaller bathroom or en-suite spaces, it might be that you need more than one appliance to adequately heat the area.

Many of our electric designer towel rails are moderately priced, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to break the bank or smash your budget to acquire one alongside a rad. Especially when you consider they wouldn’t pose any further burden on your heating bills.

Essentially, electric towel radiators can make for a decent substitute to a standard bathroom radiator if you are satisfied that the heat they kick out is enough to warm your room to a comfortable temperature.

But there’s nothing stopping you from investing in both should your budget allow for it. And don’t forget that electric towel rails aren’t solely restricted to bathroom installation. They make for a great option in kitchens as well, and can always be trusted to enhance the look of a room. Toasty warm tea towels are miles better than damp and disheveled rags too!

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What is the best type of Electric Heated Towel Rail?

From electric chrome heated towel rails to white models and many other styles, there’s an impressive variety of designs available to buy from BestHeating.

It would be a mistake to assume that all electric heated towel rails incorporate the same features and performance properties. In fact, thermostatic electric towel rails are widely considered to be the best type to opt for in most circumstances.

With an in-built thermostat, this type of design can be programmed to deliver whatever heat output you deem necessary, for as long or as little as you’d like or require.

For instance, you can set a thermostatic electric towel rail to emit a low amount of background heat when appropriate. Or instruct it to belt out its maximum output on a chilly day when there’s plenty of people in the house.

Essentially, there’s the facility to nominate your preferred temperature down to the degree, and specify as and when your appliance heats up to that chosen level.

Just like the mother-in-law, except you’re the one dishing out the orders.

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