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An immense choice of Designer Radiator finishes

In the modern world of designer radiators, there’s a real pandora’s box of attractive finishes to select from to enhance your home.

Gone are the days where scant choice existed outside of standard white convectors. Nowadays every shade on the palette, and some that aren’t, are available to upgrade your heating with.

And chrome is very much at the forefront of that with good reason. A versatile option that will mesh well with any surroundings, it is one of the only styles that will suit both modern and traditional interiors.

But why do chrome radiators kick out a lower heat output than other versions?

We’ll delve into that question, and decide how much stock you should put into the notion, in this article…

alpha chrome vertical radiator

Ok, so it might not be quite as dramatic as Frodo Baggins’ journey admittedly. But BestHeating are amidst an ongoing quest to make people view their radiators as home décor as opposed to simple heating solutions.

And the glimmering style of chrome designer radiators certainly makes it easy for customers to imagine them as an interior design feature.

Concerns with the heat output of radiators finished in chrome crop up with a feverish persistency akin to the relentless Gollum across the plains of Middle Earth, however.

Rightly so, people remain heavily invested in the output of a radiator. And some will be put off by the lower projection of chrome radiators in comparison with painted radiators or those with powder coated finishes.

But if you have your heart set on a chrome radiator, is it worth sacrificing your preferred model just because the matt black version, or a near identical model finished in white provides a higher level of warmth?

As with any interior design choice, your personal preferences and requirements are key…

Different heat outputs for Chrome Radiators

Typically, chrome radiators and chrome heated towel rails emit between 20 and 30% less heat than radiators with paint finishes, so it’s obviously a point for would-be buyers to bear in mind.

You ultimately need to weigh up the design of the radiator comparative to the level of heat it kicks out. Our BTU Calculator will help you determine what sort of model you need to adequately heat your chosen space.

And it might just be that your preferred chrome radiator gives off plenty enough heat to create a comfortably warm environment. Even if it doesn’t have the same propensity to radiate heat as aluminium, mild steel or polished stainless steel radiators would, to name a few types.

That’s without even harping on the aesthetics factor, and how a chrome radiator might complement the surroundings of certain settings.

For instance, bathrooms are often adorned with chrome fixtures and fittings, from shower enclosures and systems to soap dishes and more.

So a chrome radiator or towel rail could be the perfect addition to a space like this, if only from the perspective of looks.

Milano Pendle chrome heated towel rail

So why do Chrome Radiators have a lower heat output?

There are three primary factors that curtail chrome heating solutions from a heat output perspective.

First and foremost, surface emissivity plays a huge role. Chrome possesses a low emissivity value, which means it tends to contain heat and struggle to transmit it to the same extent as other materials. Even so, it remains a popular finish for radiators and heated towel rails – just be sure to check the heat output specifications before committing to buy.

Another reason that chrome radiators provide a lower heat output is the fact that the chrome coating is layered on another metal, such as brass or steel. As such, the heat is made to force its way through two sheets of metal.

Plus, chrome is shiny on the inside as well as the outside. So as a reflective material in and out, it causes the heat to bounce back, reducing the total amount of warmth that can be generated.

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So there you have it. There’s no hard and fast rule regarding chrome radiators, and it might very well be that you love the design so much, you’re happy to compromise with regards to heat output.

But if you want to know more about chrome heating solutions, or need any further advice about any sort of designer radiators or heated towel rails, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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