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Where to start with art: How to curate your home

  • A new study has found a quarter of homeowners wish they had better taste in art
  • 40% of homeowners match their furniture to their colour scheme
  • Despite this, two thirds have no idea which colours go well together

In light of our recent rebrand and messaging that even radiators can be a piece of art in your home, we wanted to find out how many of us Brits know where to start with art!

Our new nationwide study on the interior style and art knowledge of UK homeowners has revealed that 15% are more likely to purchase a property if it has nice artwork and that the interior style of a home is very important to them.

Do you know your stuff?

Overall, results from the poll of 2,004 homeowners showed that the country has a love for artwork and interiors but isn’t that clued up on how to implement this in their own home. Of those polled, 23% said they love staying up to date with interior trends and 40% match their furniture to their colour scheme.

interior trends stats graphic

Taking it all in

When asked about the first thing you notice when walking into a home, cleanliness came out top (26%), followed by décor (23%), furniture layout (15%), artwork (8%) and radiators (8%).

property viewing stats graphic

Hostess with the mostess

On confidence in hosting, over half (57%) are house proud and 88% love having friends and family round to show off their home and their interior style.

house proud stats graphic

Talking trends

Despite this, only one in 10 (11%) are actually confident in naming interior trends, and over two thirds (70%) are unsure which colours go with which. Furthermore, a quarter of homeowners wish they had better taste in art.

Bring in the experts

To give you lovely homeowners a helping hand, we spoke with Giulia Lecchini, deputy director of Opera Gallery London, to give some advice on interior and artwork styles that are easy to add in your home.

To get started, Giulia explains “I first recommend to listen to your own taste and interests, set a budget and find a good advisory to help you navigate this world. To build a domestic collection is a never-ending process of discovering what you like and you feel good with, you will get to know your preferences and exactly what you want to achieve only with a bit of time. But first, trust your feelings.”

“Art can be extremely helpful in making a space special and very personal. It can be related to certain memories, special moments, inspiring and positively affecting our own mood, bringing joy to your own lives.”

Wall art, never wallflower

If you’re worried about overcrowding a room, focus on something simple like painting the door frame in a sky blue, or matching your radiators to the colours of your wall.

Match finish with fixtures

Some of our customers match their timeless metallic gold and copper Windsors to the warm tones in the frames, lighting and artwork for a carefully considered scheme like @runcisatno9 and @the_nelsons_at_number_10.

Colourful contrast

For more of a maximalist look, go for a colourful designer radiator on a contrasting wall to instantly draw the eye and select artwork, prints or photos that complement the panel finish.

Gallery goals

If gallery walls are more your style, hang as many as you like without worrying about saving room for the radiator. Slim vertical radiators can be easily installed on awkward wall sections like @dasilvadesignhouse and create stylish features in places that would otherwise be wasted. These easy touches will add great style to a room without too much trouble.

It’s great to see that Brits are getting more confident with their interior style choices and that radiators are becoming more of a statement piece. Art doesn’t have to be something unattainable – it can be as simple as framing your favourite birthday card, or matching your bold feature wall with your heating system. Ready to start your radiator transformation?

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