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Top 10 wall mounted electric heaters

When it comes to wall mounted electric heaters, the words modern, stylish or elegant don’t usually come to mind. Electric heaters in the past have generally never provided much interior inspiration. 

The bulky design and exposed fins are more reminiscent of an office air conditioning unit than a feature you would like to display in your home. 

However, the good news for homeowners is that unattractive designs are a thing of the past. As electric heating technology has progressed and improved with efficiency, so has the aesthetic.

Plus, with Carbon neutral targets to meet and rising energy costs to combat, we feel it is imperative that we offer the best of the best when it comes to efficient electric heaters

With that in mind, we have collated a list of the best wall mounted electric heaters. These excellent quality heaters combine the leading electric heating technology with the latest design trends to offer the best wall mounted electric heaters on the market. 

Featuring a range of sizes, heat settings, timers, and thermostats, our comprehensive range offers different types of electric heaters. Designed to help you create the desired temperature in both small and large rooms. All are equipped with frost protection and overheat protection for safe performance and longevity.

The best modern wall mounted electric heaters

If clean contemporary details with stylish Scandinavian vibes bring joy into your home, you will love our electric designer radiator collection. These sleek options are the best modern wall mounted electric heaters for those looking to reduce their energy use and enhance their modern interiors.

1. Milano Aruba electric 

Combining soft curves and clean lines, the Milano Aruba wall mounted electric heaters bring energy-efficiency and a contemporary aesthetic to the world of electric heating. Complete with on-trend oval-shaped panels in both horizontal and vertical orientations, these electric wall heaters are a popular choice for modern homes.

Designed to enhance your home decor, these on-trend wall mounted electric heaters are available in a range of attractive monochrome finishes. Choose from matt black, white, and anthracite.

Easy to control, the Aruba electric heaters are supplied with a Bluetooth heating element. Adjust your heating via the Terma BlueLine app through your mobile or smart device to reduce energy waste and keep your home at the perfect temperature.  

milano aruba electric radiator in a grey living room

2. Milano Aruba Ardus

Another model from our popular Aruba collection that definitely deserves a mention in our top 10 is the incredibly efficient Milano Aruba Ardus. These modern vertical electric wall mounted heaters offer a maintenance-free and eco-friendly alternative to our glycol-filled electric radiators. 

Featuring dry heat functionality, one of the most advanced areas in electric heating, the Ardus range from 600W to 3000W with sizes and outputs to heat both large and small spaces. Choose from white or anthracite powder coated finishes, both stylish options for every colour scheme.  

Since the Ardus wall mounted electric heaters are constructed from aluminium, they are super quick to heat up and cool down for greater temperature control. Aluminium is also a very lightweight material. Ideal for electric wall mounted radiators since it puts less pressure on the fixing brackets. 

So, how do you control the temperature? You must pair these dry heat wall mounted heaters with an external thermostat and fused spur. You will be given the option to add a Wi-Fi-controlled thermostat with your radiator. However, they are also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa if you already have this set up at home. Once connected to the thermostat, you can easily manage zones and settings via the Smart Life app.

milano aruba ardus electric vertical radiator in a grey living room

3. Milano Alpha electric

With a minimal Nordic-inspired design, the Milano Alpha slim wall mounted electric heaters make elegant features with energy-efficient functionality. 

Combining clean lines and modern flat panels, these electric wall mounted heaters could not be further away from the bulky electric heaters of the past. Choose from bright white, calm anthracite, and matt black finish options to give your home decor a stylish look and feel.

Download the Terma BlueLine heating app on your mobile or smart device to control the temperature and you’re good to go! 

milano alpha black electric wall mounted heater in a grey living room

4. Milano Capri electric 

Staying with the stylish Scandinavian aesthetic, the beautifully simple Milano Capri combines form and function. Providing electric heating that looks as good as it performs. 

Similar to the Alpha, the Capri wall mounted electric radiators feature minimal flat panels and offer a selection of modern monochrome powder-coated finishes. The main difference between the two collections is the shape of the top of the panel. Plus the space between each panel. 

Simply control these sleek wall mounted electric heaters with the Terma BlueLine heating app. Download the app on your mobile or smart device for efficient temperature control.

milano capri wall mounted electric heater in a grey living room

5. Milano Riso electric 

For a modern wall mounted electric heater that makes a real style statement, the Milano Riso electric radiators are just what you are looking for. Constructed from one single steel vertical panel, these minimalist wall mounted electric heaters provide a stripped-back, Nordic style aesthetic where form meets function. 

The slimline vertical design makes the Riso radiators ideal for helping to save valuable wall and floor space. This helps to create additional room for furniture and storage. Plus, the clean white and anthracite colourways make them a stylish addition to modern colour schemes. 

Supplied with a Bluetooth heating element with a variety of outputs available, the Riso wall mounted electric heaters offer a range of temperature settings. Providing greater control over your heating via your smart device. 

milano riso wall mounted electric heater on a white wall

The best traditional wall mounted electric heaters

Do beautiful period homes, cosy cottagecore vibes, and vintage-style details bring you joy? If so you will love our timeless traditional column electric heater collection. These elegant electric radiators are the best wall mounted electric heaters for those looking to add character to their home and improve the energy efficiency. 

6. Milano Windsor electric 

Combining the functionality of modern technology with the beauty and craftsmanship of vintage design, the Windsor wall mounted electric heaters make elegant, efficient additions to living rooms and around the home.

Supplied with an excellent quality IP64 rated heating element, the Windsor electric heaters offer a high level of water and dust protection. Putting safety at the forefront, the thermal fuse prevents the Windsors from overheating. The maximum temperature is also restricted to 65 °C to prevent scalding.

With the Windsor electric wall heaters you have the option to add one of the Milano Connect Wi-Fi thermostats. Or, connect the heater to your own Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Either way, these wall mounted electric heaters must be paired with an external thermostat and fused spur.

To control the temperature, set schedules, and create multiple zone heating download the free Smart Life app from App Store or Google Play. You can also manually adjust the settings on the thermostat itself. 

milano windsor wall mounted electric heater on a white wall

7. Milano Windsor low level electric

Our compact low level electric Windsors are beautiful little additions to the Windsor collection. Operating in the same way as our standard size electric Windsors but measuring at half the height, these space-saving wall mounted electric heaters are ideal for installing under windows and utilising small spaces. 

Our low level electric Windsors are currently available in a white powder-coated finish. With the choice of column options from double up to four-column in a range of widths, the low level wall mounted Windsors are small yet mighty and capable of heating a range of room sizes. 

milano windsor low level wall mounted electric heater on a white wall next to a table

The best bathroom wall mounted electric heaters

Bathrooms are one of the most popular spaces to feature wall mounted electric heaters for several reasons. The main being that we all like the bathroom to be a comfortable temperature all year round. Turn your individual electric heater on in the summer without wasting heat on the entire house with the central heating. Here are some of our best bathroom wall mounted electric radiators. 

8. Milano Esk electric 

For a wall mounted electric heater that offers plenty of towel hanging space, the elegant Milano Esk is a great option. Constructed from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, these excellent quality electric heaters are great heat conductors. This means they heat up quickly and maintain the heat for longer. In addition, stainless Steel heaters are ideal for bathrooms thanks to their anti-rust, anti-corrosive and anti-stain properties.

Combining form and function, the practical ladder design allows for greater bathroom organisation. Plus the stylish chrome finish complements chrome bathroom fixtures and fittings. Esk electric heaters are supplied with an IP64 rated Rotfil Heating Element. This means they are suitable for installation in bathroom zones 1, 2, and outside zones.

milano esk electric wall mounted heated towel rail on a grey wall

9. Milano Nero electric 

If you still love the black bathroom accessory trend as much as us, you will love our Milano Nero. These modern matt black ladder-style electric heaters feature a modern minimal design. Plus the finish will instantly give your bathroom a contemporary feel. 

With the Nero heaters, you have the option to choose between the simple or thermostatic element. You can also opt for with or without a cable cover. Control the thermostatic element manually using the buttons on the dial. Or, by the Terma BlueLine heating app. Download the app on your mobile or smart device.

milano nero wall mounted electric heater in a grey bathroom

10. Milano Lustro electric 

Featuring a minimal flat panel design, the Milano Lustro make stylish statement features with the benefits of greener heating. Choose from a selection of modern monochrome finishes with a durable powder-coated quality. These include anthracite, black, white, and chrome. 

Supplied with a thermostatic heating element, these wall mounted electric heaters are easy to adjust manually or via the BlueLine heating app. The element also boasts five temperature settings and a dryer function.

milano lustro chrome wall mounted electric heater in a grey bathroom

Shop wall mounted electric heaters

So there you have our top ten wall mounted electric heaters. These are some of the best electric heaters on the market in terms of design and functionality. We also have plenty more excellent options in our electric heating collection. If we could have included all of them in our top ten we would! For more information about the running costs of our electric wall heaters, head over to our electric heating guide.

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