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Top 10 best spaces for small radiators

Small radiators fit just about anywhere. But, there are a couple of spaces around the home that work particularly well with an extra little heater.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best spaces to install small radiators around the house. Some of which you may not have thought of before!


Let’s begin with the first space that you step into when you get home. If heated insufficiently, the hallway can be a draughty, uninviting space. In other words, the opposite of what you want it to be! 

Plus, the entrance to our home is often a small space, particularly in new build homes. This means that the radiator must combat the need for warmth, and the lack of wall space. Making this area the perfect place for small radiators.

A great example of this brings us to the lovely @lou_myhomestyle. Louise made use of the narrow wall space for a modern Milano Alpha. This stylish small radiator features a minimal flat panel design and anthracite finish that complements the monochrome decor perfectly. Don’t you think?

small anthracite radiator in a hallway

Over at @jlg.designs, Jemma needed a radiator to provide plenty of heat for her high ceiling period hallway. But, with the positioning of the doorways, there was little wall space left for a large radiator. 

Combining a powerful heat output with a slim space-saving design, a small vertical radiator was the best option. 

Jemma chose a timeless Milano Windsor vertical column radiator to complement the beautiful Victorian features. 

Not only does this make a lovely combination, but the radiator also created extra space for a stylish planter to make the hallway feel even more inviting.

vertical column radiator in a hallway

Bringing us to the end of our hallway tour, Teddy and Josh @life_on_broadgate used the small space under the stairs for an attractive anthracite Windsor. 

The triple column design creates a powerful heat output, and the narrow width allows the couple to use an area which may otherwise be left.

We love the pairing of the anthracite finish with the painted banister! 

anthracite column radiator in a hallway


Next on our list is a very popular space for a small radiator and that of course is the cloakroom! @lovells.victorianhome totally transformed this beige box room into a beautiful blue Victorian cloakroom. 

You may have thought that a chunky column radiator would be too big for a small space, but this narrow double column actually makes the space feel bigger than the previous convector.

Plus, the traditional style looks so beautiful with the period panelling and tiling!

white column radiator in a cloakroom

Chelsea at @chelshome_ created a similar look in her elegant cloakroom with another small column radiator from our Windsor collection. For the perfect finishing touch, Chelsea paired her traditional small radiator with vintage-style tap valves and radiator feet for a little extra support.

white triple column radiator in a small bathroom

For a small cloakroom with a cosy cottage feel, @cannscottage has all the inspo you need! We love the modern country styling with the charming Milano Elizabeth heated towel rail. 

These beautiful radiators are perfect for cloakrooms and small bathrooms. Providing traditional columns for a powerful heat output and rails for plenty of space to keep towels warm.

traditional heated towel rail in a cloakroom

Up in the pretty rolling hills of Scotland, @corbycraigresidence have done a beautiful job of decorating their cosy cloakroom. The flat panel Milano Lustro works so well in this long narrow space since this small radiator has low wall projection. 

Not only does the Lustro designer towel rail look super stylish in this contemporary minimal cloakroom, but it also provides additional storage space to dry and display towels.

modern chrome towel rail in a cloakroom

If modern designer radiators are more your style, you will love the matt black Milano Aruba at  @livingonthecrescent. This slim single panel radiator fits nice and snug into this little cloakroom. Plus, the black finish matches the black bathroom accessories to create a perfectly coordinated look.

small black radiator in a cloakroom

Over at @sillylittlereno, Amanda also opted for a modern Aruba radiator and monochrome colour scheme. We love how much the white oval panels pop against the black background!

Under a window

You may have heard us mention before that under the window is argued to be the best place to install a radiator. The reason for this is all to do with convection. 

Under the window is usually the coldest part of the room. Therefore, as the hot air rises from the radiator, the cold air from the window pushes the warm air and circulates it around the room. This means that the room is heated more efficiently. 

Plus, the small space under the window is often unutilised. So adding a radiator that enhances your home decor and keeps the room a comfortable temperature is a great way to use the space. 

Emma over at @mybigfat1930snest created a beautiful feature with our white Milano Windsor column radiator and pretty eucalyptus display. 

The triple column design provides plenty of heat to make the landing a lovely warm walkway. But is also keeps the radiator narrow enough to fit under the small space.

triple column white radiator under a window

Over at @red_diamond_renovation, a cosy home office renovation is under way. The low level Aruba fits perfectly under the tall, narrow window and creates a comfortable work environment. We can’t wait to see how lovely this space will look when it is all finished!

small white radiator under a window in an office

Next up, Mel from @renovating_no_41 keeps her dreamy scandi style nursery warm and cosy for her little one with our cute column Windsor. The low level design works perfectly for this tiny space and complements the beautiful boho details.

low level column radiator under a window in a nursery

Boot room

For many homes that feature a boot room, this small space often acts as a second entrance to the property. Therefore, you want the temperature to be warm and inviting to kick your wellies off after a long winter walk! 

A perfect example of this comes from Sarah at the amazing @the_chapel_conversion. The little Milano Alpha designer radiator is the ideal size and placement for this cosy boot room. 

Plus, the minimal flat panels and stylish anthracite finish creates a beautiful coordinated colour scheme with the calm, Nordic inspired decor. 

small radiator in a boot room

From scandi to cosy country, Laurie at @ourhome_no31 has styled up her beautiful boot room with a pretty shelfie and rustic column Windsor. The anthracite finish looks perfect with the charcoal candle holders and mirror, while the period-style columns and vintage panelling create all the period property vibes.

anthracite column radiator in a boot room

Small bedroom

It goes without saying that a radiator in the bedroom is an essential item for a good night’s sleep, especially in the UK! But, not all of us have the luxury of a big bedroom. Therefore, we have to be smart with how we use the space and where we position our small radiators. 

Design couple Khaliya and Tim at @property_planning_pair were blessed with a beautiful original fireplace. The only problem was, there was little room left for a central heating radiator in the small bedroom.

The only available space was under the window. So the best option was a low level radiator! We love the choice of the small Windsor radiator to enhance the beautiful original features of the period property. 

low level column radiator in a small bedroom

Next up, @fountainplace_7 decided to heat their small bedroom efficiently with a stylish Milano Alpha electric radiator

Electric radiators are a great choice for bedrooms. This is because they work independently from your central heating system. So if you have the heating turned off in the summer, you can still enjoy a cosy warm bedroom. 

Plus, electric radiators have come a long way in terms of design and aesthetics. We love the choice of the minimal white Alpha to complement the modern hotel vibe decor.

small electric radiator in a bedroom

Interior blogger Kirsty at @theonlywayisgrey_ created a pretty pink bedroom for her little ones. With bunk beds and storage to contend with, the small space under the window was the best option for this cosy bedroom.
We love how the soft oval shaped columns of the white Aruba radiator complement the dreamy decor and modern furnishings.

small white radiator in a bedroom

Beside french doors

Just like under the window provides a good space for small radiators, beside a french door is another great option. Since french doors or patio doors often lead out from a living or dining space, it’s important that the room has a powerful heater. 

Plus, since this space will probably be the coldest part of the room and an external wall, installing a radiator here will provide the same efficiency benefits of installing under a window. 

Back over at @theonlywayisgrey_, Kirsty has made use of the small space beside the french doors for a stylish mirrored vertical radiator. This modern Aruba radiator not only provides plenty of heat for this large living room, but it also creates extra space for a big comfy sofa!

vertical mirrored radiator in a grey living room

Similarly, Gen at @life.with.gen has designed a mid-century modern dining room with our contemporary vertical Milano Alpha radiator. The slim anthracite panels are a perfect match for the minimal dining chairs and the vertical design makes a striking feature for the narrow wall space beside the patio door. 

modern vertical radiator beside french doors

Small kitchen

Also known as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a functional and sociable space that requires a warm and inviting environment. 

However, whether you have a big or small kitchen, often most of the space is taken up by units and worktops. Therefore, it can be difficult to decide where to install a radiator.

If you have a long galley kitchen like Emma at @emma_claire_flowers, a small radiator at the end of the room is a great way to use the small space and circulate heat around the central corridor. 

Plus, the classic column design of the Milano Windsor makes a lovely combination with the country style units. Don’t you think?

small radiator in a kitchen

For large family kitchens that require plenty of storage, vertical small radiators are the best way to maximise space for cabinets by utilising the height of the wall instead of the width. 

A great example of this design comes from Deniz over at @renovating.no.125. We love the combination of the chunky Windsor columns, the rustic wooden units and the exposed piping to create a cosy boho look

vertical column radiator in a kitchen

Similarly, Edie over at @ediebirdshouse opted for a black vertical column radiator to fit in the small space beside the L-shaped kitchen. The period-style columns provide plenty of heat for this large open space. Plus, the modern black finish ties the black accent features together perfectly.

black vertical radiator in a small kitchen

Small living room

After a long day, there’s nothing more us Brits look forward to than snuggling up on the sofa watching a series. But, if the living room is too cold, the evening is pretty much ruined! 

Therefore, it is important that we get maximum heat for the minimum size.

Hanna at @ocean_terrace_1884 keeps her cosy living room warm with our low level Milano Windsor column radiator. This small radiator fits perfectly under the beautiful window and the vintage-inspired design enhances the charming original fireplace. 

Plus, the chunky steel columns provide plenty of heat for such a small radiator!

small radiator in a living room

Similarly, Eniko @mydarkhome_ combined rustic furnishings, a warm earthy colour scheme and a timeless little Windsor under the window to create a dreamy boho living room in her beautiful Irish country home.

low level radiator in a small living room

From down low to up high, @thetinyflat decided to use the height of the wall for a contemporary vertical electric radiator and save space for a stylish storage locker. 

Not only do the modern white oval Aruba panels complement the minimal decor, but the electric functionality ensures that the living room is heated efficiently.

vertival eletric radiator in a small living room

Dressing room

Whether you are getting ready for work, or going out-out, the dressing room must be warm enough to get changed comfortably. But, since storage takes priority in the dressing room, there is often very little space left for the radiator! 

Amy at @firststepontheladder saved a small space under the window for a narrow column radiator. We love how the traditional design looks with the vintage-style wardrobes. Plus, the chunky columns ensure there is enough heat to pick your outfit in comfort. 

small radiator in a dressing room

Small wall space

Have you ever found a small wall space in your home that you have no idea how to use? In most cases, the best idea is to use it for a small radiator! 

If the space isn’t going to give you the benefit of storage or piece of furniture, it might be worth moving your radiator into the small space. This could save the extra room for other essential items. 

Jessy at @jessysdreamhouse did exactly that! 

This narrow part of the room wasn’t used for anything else. So, it made sense for a functional and decorative vertical radiator to live there.

Plus, the pink Aruba looks amazing in this pretty pink palace! 

pink vertical radiator in a pink living room

Finally, Hannah at @cotswold_cottage also found an awkward wall space with an angled ceiling. The perfect place to position a beautiful little Windsor.

small radiator in a nursery

Just to give you a reminder, here are the top 10 best spaces for small radiators that we mentioned above:

  1. Hallway
  2. Cloakroom
  3. Under a window
  4. Boot room
  5. Small bedroom
  6. Beside French doors
  7. Small kitchen
  8. Small living room
  9. Dressing room
  10. Small wall space

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