For many years, most UK households have relied on the humble thermostat to control the temperature of their home. But, just as heating technology and radiator design have evolved and improved over the years, so has the way we control room temperature.

In 2014, intelligent heating systems are the way to heat your home. Remotely operated and with a host of features, these systems make it easier and simpler to control your home heating.

Today’s blog brings you our pick of the best intelligent heating systems.

Image courtesy of Nest


Launched in the US to a rapturous reception back in 2011, Nest dubs itself the “learning thermostat.” According to the website, the Nest thermostat give “precise control of the temperature, creates a personalised schedule for your home and eliminates the need for a programmer.”

Nest works by learning the temperatures you like in your home and adding them to a ‘schedule’. Keeping the boiler running at very low temperatures helps save energy and protect pipes.

What makes this system intelligent is its ability to auto-schedule your preferred temperatures, and every day of the week can be different.

Plus, Nest can be controlled on the go once the Nest Thermostat is connected to wi-fi, using the app which is available on a mobile or tablet.

Intelligent heating systems

Image courtesy of British Gas


This offering from British Gas offers great usability and convenience, and promises to save you up to £150 a year on your heating bills.

The Hive kit is professionally installed by a British Gas engineer alongside your existing heating system, making it easy and fuss-free for you.

Hive offers less functionality than Nest, in that it does not learn the heating habits of your home, but it does offer the practicality of controlling your heating from a distance. Simply use the Hive app to control your home heating from anywhere in the country, providing you have internet signal. Forgotten to turn the heating off? No problem. Want the bedroom to be toasty warm for when you come back? Done!

Image courtesy of Honeywell


Honeywell have been a familiar household heating name for decades, and now they’ve introduced their own intelligent heating system, Evohome.

Evohome is a simple but efficient way of controlling the temperature of your home. A zoning function allows you to set the temperature in every room on an individual basis, as well as scheduling the heating to turn on and off and controlling hot water. Evohome also allows you to create a heating schedule which works around your lifestyle and your home. Evohome also gives you remote control of your heating via your phone or tablet.


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