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How To Use Black Radiators In Your Home blog banner

How To Use Black Radiators In Your Home

An exploration of black designer radiators, highlighting the very best modern and traditional options to consider for all sorts of different rooms, and how to best make use of them in your home…
How To Keep Pets Warm In Winter featured image

How To Keep Pets Warm In Winter

During winter, or pets may need a little more care & attention. In this guide we look at how to keep pets cosy during a cold snap!
Will My Existing Radiators Work With A Heat Pump blog banner

Will My Existing Radiators Work With A Heat Pump?

Explaining how to tell if your existing radiators are compatible with heat pumps, with an insight into the very best heating systems and devices to suit green heating options…

Can You Find The Festive Radiator?

Everyone loves a good quiz at Christmas! Just for fun, see how long it takes you to find the festive golden radiator in our Christmas jumble!

Where Was The Festive Radiator?

Did you find the festive radiator? If not, don't worry, as in this post we reveal all.
Heat Pump Grants blog banner

Heat Pump Grants – Your Key Questions Answered

With Britain on the verge of a decarbonisation revolution, we look in depth at the Heat Pump Grant and answer key questions about the plans.
Busting The Myths About Air Source Heat Pumps blog banner

Busting The Myths About Air Source Heat Pumps

We did some digging to discover that we can indeed handle the truth about air source heat pumps, dispelling a number of popular myths along the way…
Winter Heating Blog Banner

The Do’s & Don’ts of Winter Heating

Winter heating shouldn't be a struggle with our expert do's and don'ts. Keep warm and cosy and save energy with our winter heating tips.
Common winter heating problems blog banner

5 Common Winter Heating Problems

With winter not too far away, we look at 5 common winter heating issues, with expert commentary from our heating product manager
Covering radiator pipes blog banners

Covering Radiator Pipes – A BestHeating Guide

There are several ways to cover radiator pipes to achieve a neat finish. In this guide we'll discuss each of them in detail to help you get the job done.
Cheap Designer Radiators - Too Good To Be True? blog banner

Cheap Designer Radiators: Too Good To Be True?

An exploration of cheap designer radiators, determining whether good quality inexpensive rads are a mythical fantasy, or if they can add some magic to your home interior for a limited outlay.
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Is It Cheaper To Keep Your Central Heating On Low All The Time?

We're always intrigued to learn what others feel about heating, and in this helpful guest post we explore whether keeping heating on low all the time is good or bad.