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To celebrate the launch of our rainbow coloured Milano Aruba radiators, we’ve teamed up with MuralsWallpaper to create the ultimate modern playroom set up.

This new collection is all about injecting character into your home decor with bright bold pops of colour and having fun with your interiors, so what better way to showcase the Aruba colour spectrum than in this magical Rainbow Range mountain scene?


The Milano Aruba coloured radiators feature the popular oval shaped panels in 7 playful new finishes. It’s the same style you know and love, just a whole lot brighter!

red aruba radiator in a playroom
blue aruba radiator in a playroom
purple aruba radiator in a playroom
pink aruba radiator in a playroom
green aruba radiator in a playroom
yellow aruba radiator in a playroom
orange aruba radiator in a playroom


Mural: Rainbow Range Kids Pastel Patterned Mountains Wallpaper Mural

This beautiful mural features a Scandi style mountain scene in a selection of soft pastel colours. Each shade echoes the variety of finishes available in the new Aruba collection, making this Rainbow Range a match made in heaven.


We’re so inspired by the way MuralsWallpaper are taking an everyday feature and turning it into an opportunity to transform your home.

Radiators are often overlooked when we decorate our homes. But, why not use these boring metal boxes as opportunities to create another feature that you love?

Combining form and function is where great design lives. Whether it’s a designer radiator or a remarkable mural, have fun with your interiors and your love for these key pieces will last a lifetime.

Milano Aruba radiator in a playroom


Whether it’s calm pastels or bold hues, we’re all drawn to different colours no matter what age we are.

Trends come and go but introducing your favourite colour to your decor can change the entire feeling of the space and promote a positive atmosphere.

So, add an Aruba radiator to your home for a pop of colour that gives you that warm feeling inside and out.

a bedtime impression of a red aruba radiator and a night light


We would like to thank MuralsWallpaper for working with on this dreamy playroom.

It is so exciting to see how they share our vision of challenging the expectations of design and taking something ordinary like a radiator or a roll of wallpaper and turning it into something that captures your attention.

Let’s say goodnight to the norm and hello to a new wave of home decor where your personal style is the trend to follow.

red Aruba radiator in a playroom


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