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John Klee

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John Klee

Research Specialist & Know-It-All

With a background in sports journalism, John counts content writing amongst his key passions.

He’s always peppering our Advice Centre feed with reasoned and researched home heating tips, and providing expert answers to the questions you want answering.

Fine football and music connoisseur. In his own head, at least.

For more of John’s expertise – and expert tips on home heating – check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Top articles from John

John's recommended reads

The BestHeating Radiator Buying Guide

John says
“A biblical exploration of home heating inspiration, shining the spotlight on the finest designer radiators to consider for every area of the home.”

Small But Mighty: Meet Our Smallest Radiators

John says
“Key information surrounding the dinkiest and most diminutive home heating devices BestHeating has to offer, broken down into bitesize tidbits reflective of the subject.”

Which Radiator Colour Best Suits Your Personality?

John says
“I really enjoyed putting together my first full length blog piece for BestHeating, exploring a variety of colour connotations and how they might be used to imprint your own personality on a home.”

Questions & answers with John

John says

I love the exotically named Aruba range from Milano. It’s a really simple design, but I’d have it right up there as one of the most stylish modern radiator collections we offer. I have my eye on the dark blue horizontal model as and when the often dreaded and invariably inevitable call to “do up the house” comes.

John says

I have common ground with a great many others in taking a fancy to the world’s favourite colour, blue, and it seems a half decent match with the radiator personality test. I’m generally very laid back on the rare occasions my little girl allows me to be, so tranquil and calm connotations would appear to fit well.

John says

I was delighted to be told I’d made it into the top 5 most read authors on the subject of radiators and designer radiators in 2021, landing in 4th place on the list. It’s a labour of love, but great to know so many people have enjoyed (or at the very least tolerated) my radiator ramblings over such an extensive period.

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