How to incorporate a coloured radiator into your home

Introducing coloured radiators to a home

Last month we shared some tips and tricks for how to create fun and playful children’s spaces within your home which incorporated BestHeating’s new Milano Aruba yellow coloured radiator.

However, the use of colour is not just limited to children’s spaces. You can incorporate colour into any interior design scheme and that includes any of your home’s radiators!  Here are some ways in which you can do the same.

Blend your radiator into your chosen colour scheme

More and more people are using colour in their homes and we’re big fans of going bold with colour on your walls, whether that’s a big block of colour or a patterned wallpaper.  But what do you then do about the radiators?  Do you leave them the standard white?  Or do you incorporate the radiator into your scheme?

We think that replicating the key colours with the radiators can make the scheme look well thought through and considered.  It also provides a feel of minimialism and classiness.

Here are two quite different examples of this approach. One where the radiator has been matched to the wall colour and the other where the core colours from the wallpaper have been pulled out in the radiators.

sage green radiator in a green living room

light grey radiator on a grey wall

Mixing old and new without them jarring

Something we often hear from clients is that they struggle to blend old and new.  Sometimes that’s struggling to put more modern pieces into a period property and other times it’s bringing some character into a more modern home. Either way, your radiators can help bridge the gap between old and new.

If you live in a period property but don’t want to go too ornate on the radiators then opting for a more modern style in a period colour like gold, bronze or copper would work really well.

Similarly, if you live in a modern home but want to add character then incorporating a coloured radiator will help add interest and a hint of heritage into your scheme.

gold column radiator in dark hallway

Image: Fresh Start Living

Copper column radiator on a blue wall

Inject a pop of colour

Sometimes more is more when it comes to colour. So, even if you have a lot of colour in your scheme already why not inject some more in with your radiators? It can create a real wow factor in your home and be a real talking point when people come to visit. Why not give it a go?!

You can either do that using vibrant colours like yellow, orange or pink. Or you could opt for a different coloured metallic like copper or gold. They don’t have to match the other metals in your scheme. In fact having copper and chrome or gold and chrome is no longer an interior design crime, so you can mix and match your metals rather than have to match these days.

pink radiator in pink living room

gold radiator on a blue wall
Fresh start living orange radiator

Image: Fresh Start Living

BestHeating have a great range of coloured radiators in various styles, sizes and most importantly colours. So, if you’re thinking of using colour in your next home interior design project then think about how your radiator can help elevate that design.

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