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Guest post: Top 5 – Best ways to save money on heating oil this season

Heating oil & the cost of living crisis

With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to affect people in the UK, rising heating prices have become a major concern.

In recent months, households across the nation have had to grapple with the effects of energy bills that are astronomically high; this has prompted discussions over whether something should be done about these increasing prices.

It is appalling for families and individuals to have to bear such hefty costs just for basic sustenance without any viable solutions in sight.

The cost of living has been an issue for a long time, but now with companies hiking up prices on almost everything, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to stay afloat.

Close Up Of Senior Woman Opening UK Energy Bill Concerned About Cost Of Living Energy Crisis

As the mornings get frosty and the cold evenings draw closer unfortunately so do the high bills for heating oil to keep your homes warm.

But don’t let the sound of those digits on your monthly bill make you shiver.

In this guest blog post, Holly Dodd discusses the top five tips for saving money when buying heating oil this season.

1 – Consider switching suppliers – Maximum savings, minimal effort

Shopping around to compare heating oil suppliers can be a great way to ensure you’re getting an unbeatable deal on your winter warmth.

Whether it’s through researching different local options or exploring online resources, comparing other companies could land you discounts and cut costs by hundreds every season – it’s an easy way to make sure every penny counts.

A woman putting a coin in a piggy bank trying to save money during the cost of living crisis

Money Saving Expert has a wealth of helpful tips on switching suppliers, with help on haggling down the cost.

Money saving expert

2 – Upgrade your system

Upgrading to a modern oil-burning system can help improve efficiency and lower fuel costs overall.

When it comes to choosing an upgrade for your home’s heating system, don’t forget about the installation cost- that plays a big part!

Still though, if you’re looking for an economical long-term solution and want to save on heating oil bills in the future.

Make sure the upgrade is the right choice for you not only for your budget but for your family. Will it last? Will it ensure warmth throughout the house?

3 – Buy In Bulk

a stack of oil barrels on top of each other

If you have the room to store multiple tanks of heating oil, purchasing a large quantity at once can help save you money on your heating costs over time.

Buying in bulk from a reputable oil supplier will ensure that you get a quality product and the best price per unit.

This will also save you from running low on supplies if there becomes a shortage due to unforeseen circumstances.

4 – Install Insulation

Adding insulation in your home helps reduce heat loss which means less energy is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.

You can easily install insulation yourself or hire a professional for larger jobs like the attic and wall insulation.

This investment will not only help reduce your heating bills but also add value to your home!

5. Utilise Oil-Filled Space Heaters

Space heaters can be a great way to supplement your heating system and lower oil consumption.

Choose an energy-efficient model and use it only in the rooms you are occupying at the time for maximum savings.

Be sure to turn them off when not in use as they do draw a considerable amount of power.

Don’t go cold this winter

A house wrapped up in a scarf to keep it warm

No household should go cold this winter.

By following these five tips, you can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on heating oil this season, whilst also being able to stay comfortable and warm within your own home.

This will help ease the financial burden that many households are currently facing due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Following these tips can also help save money in the long-term as you may be making changes that can last years without having to worry about the loss of heat within the home.

About the author of this article

Holly Dodd – Aspiring full-time content writer, Cocker Spaniel mum and chai latte addict.

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