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From bland to beautiful: How Jenn transformed Rose’s room into a rainbow retreat!

Imagine a bedroom in your newly bought home that hasn’t been touched in a while and feels a bit, well, blah. Beige walls, tired furniture, the kind of space that sighs a little when you enter. Now picture that same room completely revamped, bursting with color and personality. Now it feels like home! So where do you start? All you need is a little interior design know-how, and a radiator reno that swaps a bland box for a beautiful feature.

We spoke to one of our lovely customers Jenn, a design-savvy mum on a mission. Her daughter, Rose, craved a space that reflected her vibrant spirit. But her old bedroom felt more like a monochrome afterthought. Jenn knew it was time for a big transformation! Take a look at how this bedroom became a cosy rainbow retreat.

“Our interior has a strong scandi influence to it with a huge colour pop thrown in alongside a love of botanicals. We wanted to carry this style through into our little girls room, creating a calm inviting space that could be a playful place of escape for her. This room was centered around a ‘rainbow’ theme but we didn’t want this to be overwhelming but something more muted that could grow with her.”

an empty room with fresh plater on the walls
rose's bedroom during a renovation

Why did you choose the modern Aruba radiator style?

Jenn ditched the drab convector for a tall, sleek designer radiator “We wanted a radiator that was both modern and classical at the same time – the Aruba radiator was perfect.” This isn’t your average heating fixture, it’s the Milano Aruba, a statement piece from our collection at BestHeating.

Why was vertical the best option for you?

Jenn chose the vertical Milano Aruba radiator, meaning it utilizes that awkward wall space most radiators neglect. This frees up precious floor space for Rose’s toys (or maybe a comfy reading nook!).

“The vertical design allowed us to re-configure the space, removing the old traditional radiator which ran under the second window. By switching to a vertical radiator not only did it give more options when placing furniture but it allowed us to create a cosy spot at the bottom of the bed which is now affectionately referred to as ‘cosy corner’ by our little girl.”

Which colour did you go for and why?

With a love of bringing the outside in, Jenn chose a less conventional finish in a gorgeous sage green (think freshly cut herbs and botanical hues). “We wanted a colour that was timeless but made a statement, the sage green also nodded to the botanical theme we have throughout the house so that was the obvious choice.”

How does it complement the room decor?

“As the rainbow mural was bespoke to the room and we loved the colour of the radiator so much we colour matched the green in the rainbow mural to tie the radiator into the rest of the room. The sage green also complements the base blush pink on all the walls to create the perfect room for a rainbow obsessed little girl.”

The Milano Aruba isn’t content with just blending into the background. Its stunning sage green hue adds a pop of color that instantly elevates the entire room. It becomes an eye-catching element, working in harmony with the calming yet playful colour scheme.

How do you find the performance and heat output?

As Jenn has experienced, the clever design of these vertical heating beauties often packs a bigger heat punch than their shorter, wider counterparts.

“Amazing. The radiator heats up so quickly and because of the position and height really heats the room with minimal effort – we never have to turn the heating on for long even on cooler days. As the room was a damp room previously (we had to strip it right back because of significant damp damage, including a collapsed ceiling and completely re-plaster everywhere including the woodchip ceiling) it’s really important to us that the room is keep well ventilated (via new windows) and heated well and efficiently.”

What advice would you give renovators choosing new radiators?

“Don’t choose boring white radiators – be bold and see your radiator as part of the décor of your room. Also I would 100% recommend vertical radiators to create more usable space and a better circulation of the heat from the radiator.” So, you get a stylish statement piece that keeps your little ray of sunshine toasty warm, all without sacrificing an inch of playtime territory.

How did you decide where to position your radiator?

“We wanted it to be a piece of art in the room as well as being functional but not dominant or taking up valuable room, meaning the corner to the left of the second window was the perfect spot – because of the colour matching we did with the rainbow mural it also mean the 2 could exist together and the radiator didn’t break the flow of the mural flowing from one window to another.”

Would you recommend BestHeating to your friends?

“Absolutely. The choice and service was spot on, we were kept informed throughout on delivery and everything arrived exactly as ordered. The quality of the radiator is outstanding, it looks and feels (and is!) a premium product and always gets commented on.”

Ready to revamp your radiators?

Jenn’s project is a testament to the transformative power of a little creativity (and the right radiator, of course!). It proves that even the most basic functional element like a radiator can become a captivating focal point, adding both style and warmth to your space.

Feeling inspired to ditch the bland, boring heat boxes? At BestHeating, we have a vibrant collection of designer radiators waiting to elevate your interior design game. From cosy vintage-style heating to sleek, colourful modern designs, we have something to suit every home and budget. Start your radiator renovation!

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