Dulux Colour Of The Year 2017 – Denim Drift

different shades of paints in pots and on tester sticks

Blue Is The Colour – Denim Drift for 2017

We’ve not even had the chance to scare the kids to death for Halloween or set off any fireworks in 2016, but Dulux have already expressed what they see as the Colour of the Year for next year and – in all honesty – we quite like it.

Their choice of colour for 2017? An almost gun metal grey/blue hue that they have called ‘Denim Drift’.

It’s a name that reminds us of that sexy Levi’s advert from the 80’s – you know the one where the young attractive guy washes his jeans in just his underwear – ahh those were the days.

Anyway, Denim Drift forms part of a much bigger colour picture than just a fleeting memory of an advert for expensive jeans.

A dining room painted blue with a long dining table and benches

This dining room incorporates many shades of blue perfectly

The main colour of the year has been teamed up with a full palette of different shades of blue, which will (should) give you confidence to mix and match the scheme throughout your entire home.

There are ten blues in total (including the COTY), five of them are understated and atmospheric and the other five are clean, bright and pack more of a vibrant punch.

The entire collection has been designed for use on walls, furniture and accessories, so you can really go to town on making the most of the colour palette in every room if you want to.

It’s a great idea if you like blue, but not so good if you’re not a fan.

According to Marianne Shillingford – the Creative Director at Dulux – though, “creating a successful blue colour scheme is easy when you choose shades that work beautifully together” – and to be honest, we (or I) tend to agree with her – I mean look at the images, stunning!

bedroom painted in denim drift dulux colour of the year

This child’s bedroom look awesome with the different shades of blue

The different shades allow you to turn up the colour or tone it down as you see fit. I also think it looks great with white and the darker shades of brown. It seems to give it a really modern and yet understated nautical theme – one that may be best suited in a bathroom or maybe a kitchen.

But, as with all design ideas, it’s totally up to you.

So do you think you’ll be making use of Denim Drift in any new year’s decorating resolutions?

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Stay Safe & Happy Heating.

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