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Windsor Wishlist: Introducing The New Colour Palette

Add a pop of colour to your home decor with our new calming collection of coloured Windsor column radiators. Ready to add them to your wishlist?
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Top 10 Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

Take a look at our top ten wall mounted electric heaters and find out how to turn your home heating into an energy-efficient system. Learn more.
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BestHeating Best Buddies – Rad Tails

We take a look at the design and functionality of radiator tails, also explaining the best means for altering and extending rad tail components.
does the colour of your radiator affect its heat output
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Does the colour of your Radiator affect its heat output?

Coloured radiators are all the rage! But do certain coloured radiators perform better than others? We explore...
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Milano Aruba Size Guide

Discover which Milano Aruba designer radiator will be best for your home and learn about the biggest and smallest radiators in the range. Find out more.
Modern Cast Iron Radiators blog banner
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Modern Cast Iron Radiators: Yay Or Nay?

How do modern cast iron radiators stand up to the fiercely robust legends of the old school? We examine the key features of new cast iron rad designs…
The Best Unusual Radiators for a Unique Heating Upgrade Blog Banner
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The Best Unusual Radiators For A Unique Heating Upgrade

A walk through some of the most stylish unconventional radiator and towel rail options for a unique home heating refresh...
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What is a Thermal Heat Store?

Are thermal heat stores only beneficial for commercial properties, or a viable residential option as well? Find out the answer to this, and any other thermal heat posers, here...
underfloor heating install blog

Is Underfloor Heating Easy to Install?

Learn about the ins and outs of electric underfloor heating installation, and find out if it might make for a perfect addition to your home...
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How do I maintain my Radiators?

Discover some key tips for radiator maintenance, to help you keep your home heating performing to premium capacity for as long as possible...
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BestHeating Best Buddies – PTFE Tape

Our BestHeating Best Buddies blog series explores some of the less remembered items that can make a huge difference to your home heating. Here, PFTE tape is under the spotlight...
The Ins And Outs Of Modern Electric Heating blog banner
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The Ins And Outs Of Modern Electric Heating

An insight into the key features and components that can set modern electric heating systems apart from older versions, as well as alternative heating options such as gas boilers…