Installers First – Have Your Say On Heating Safety & Standards

Last updated: May 25, 2018

Installers First – Have Your Say On Heating Safety & Standards

A Bright Future For Heating Safety & Standards?

No matter if you’re a butcher, builder or candlestick maker (do they still exist?), every industry has standards to adhere to and Heating Installation is no exception.

Standards and practices are changing all of the time, so it’s important that installers can keep their finger on the pulse of that change and have a say in how their industry is run.

Thankfully, there are ways in which heating engineers and installers can help shape Government regulation and policy, have their voices heard and share their wealth of experience with others in the industry.

We were contacted by BestHeating’s friend and President & Director of CO-Gas Safety, Stephanie Trotter, who was kind enough to point us to an online poll – run by Installers First – that wants heating professionals to offer their expertise and help lead the way to safer and more secure standards and practices.

So (because we love sharing stuff with you all) here’s a little bit about it…

Who & What Are Installers First?


According to their recent press release (June 6th, 2017), Installers First is a community of Professional Accredited Heating Installers – The voice of installers, for installers, by installers.

It was set up with the aim of providing installers with a wealth of industry related information, but perhaps more importantly; the opportunity to help shape the industry too.

Installers First Logo with an I 1

Providing a platform for installers to have their say, Installers First also offers a single point of information on all the recent developments in the industry – including government consultations, regulation, proposed legislation and more.

Why Should I Register With Installers First?


There are a variety of reasons to join Installers First.

#InstallersFirst #InstallersUnite

Here’s the run down from their own website as to why it could be a good thing for you to get involved –

It’s independently operated

It’s totally free of charge for you to sign up (everyone loves FREE stuff!)

It will help you to keep up to date with industry news and government plans, thanks to –

  • Social Media Updates
  • E-Bulletins
  • A dedicated and independent website

You can have your say freely by responding to government consultations, OFGEM reports and other industry related bodies that may affect the work that you do.

Offers you the chance to connect with the wider installer community and discuss industry concerns with the right kind of people – those in the know!

And finally, Installers First offers access to all the boiler manuals, all in one place.

Standards & Safety Poll


Over the last few weeks and months, Installer First have been busy gathering a wealth of industry feedback that they are now using to identify specific concerns raised by the installer community.

Head of Media at Installers First, Laurah Hutchinson-Strain

One such concern is Safety and Standards and Head of Media at Installers First, Laurah Hutchinson-Strain had this to say about reaching out to installers and getting their take on how best to move the industry forward:

“Installers are incredibly passionate about improving standards across their industry, ensuring safety is paramount and that the policing of quality is effective.

In order to represent the voice of the installer on this issue, we have launched an online poll where installers can vote for which approach they feel would help to improve safety and drive up standards.”

Installer first Vote now page

The poll is a pretty simple choice between two answers.

No industry can’t be taken seriously without constantly striving to improve standards and practices, but Installers First is asking: do existing systems of safety and standards need to be improved or overhauled altogether?

Basically, should the industry –

A – Improve existing standards?


B – Create a new system to monitor standards and practices?

Laurah continued: “Installers First want to help bridge the gap between those who do the job and those who often impact it, always making sure common sense and the voice of the industry is heard.

From the feedback, we have received via social media and at our launch event in May, many of installers don’t feel listened to. We believe that there are answers to some of the industry challenges, and many of them reside with the people ‘on the tools’.”

If you want to take part and have your say, please visit the Installers First homepage: or if you like to tweet every now and then, check out their Twitter page @InstallersFirst

Have Your Say!


What do you think could and should change in the industry?

What more needs to be done to ensure safety and security?

What would you change, add to or do away with altogether?

Let us know below in the comments or drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter and make sure you join the discussion and get your voice heard.

Stay Safe & Happy Heating