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Where is the best place to put a lounge radiator?

The best place to put a lounge radiator is in the coldest area of the lounge. Usually, this will be underneath a window to provide better heat conduction. For properties with high quality double glazing, there might not be one particular area that is colder than another. In those circumstances, you should place lounge radiators […]


Where is the best place to put lounge radiators?

The best place to put lounge radiators is in the coldest part of the lounge area. Most often, this will be beneath a window to create better heat conduction. For homes with premium quality double glazing, there might not be a particular space that is colder than another. In such instances, it is best to […]


How do I choose a bathroom radiator?

The key thing to consider when choosing bathroom radiators is the size of the bathroom area they’ll be fitted in. If you select a bathroom radiator that is too big, not only will it look out of place, but it will also cause your energy bills to increase unnceccesarily. Contrastingly, opting for a bathroom radiator […]


How do I choose bathroom radiators?

Essentially, when selecting bathroom radiators, you should always scrutinize the size of the space they are to be installed in. Choosing a bathroom radiator that is too big will look out of place, and place an unnecessary strain on energy bills. On the flip side, fitting a bathroom radiator that isn’t large enough can leave […]


Will a towel radiator heat my bathroom?

A wide variety of towel radiators will deliver a heat output sufficient to warm up most bathroom spaces, and keep them at a comfortable temperature. That said, everything will depend on the size of the surface area – significantly larger bathrooms could necessitate an added heat source to provide an adequate BTU output. For the […]


How to renovate radiators?

The most effective means to renovate radiators is typically to upgrade to a newer version, especially if you are swapping an outdated model for a brand new designer radiator, for example. There’s an extensive selection of ultra-stylish modern radiators on the market nowadays that enable you to turn your home heating into home décor. Alternatively, […]