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Traditional Heated Towel Rails

Create an authentic traditional look in the bathroom or kitchen while keeping it invitingly cosy and towels warm and dry, with a stunning traditional heated towel rail from the BestHeating.com range. Here, you'll find timeless towel rails in a range of designs and with a host of period features which exude the elegance and class of yesteryear.

While the towel rails in this collection are traditional in looks, the technology behind them is anything but. Every model in this collections has a superb BTU output which will create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in the bathroom or kitchen, and give you the added luxury of warm, dry towels throughout the year.

Our traditional heated towel rails come in a range of designs- from sleek and simple, classic models to ornate designs with radiator insert- that will suit the look of any period-style room. A variety of dimensions and choice of wall-mounted and floor-mounted designs allows you to choose a rail that makes the best use of space in your room and perfectly fits your needs.

The perfect traditional heated towel rail for your bathroom or kitchen is just waiting to be discovered, in this beautiful collection. Find yours now.

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