Vertical Electric Designer Radiators

Featuring a sublimely sleek profile, the BestHeating range of vertical electric designer radiators provide a space-saving, energy efficient green heating solution that will bring an ice cool demeanour to your home heating arrangements. Electric vertical radiators are one of the most sought after heating options currently available, and the variety of stunning modern designs they are available in make it easy to see why.

They can double up as striking wall art when not in use. Plus, whilst offering a stunning fillip to home interiors, vertical electric radiators also represent a practical heating option that will have little impact on nearby furniture, freeing up handy added wall and floor space for complementary fixtures and fittings.

What are vertical electric designer radiators?

Vertical electric designer radiators operate in the same manner as horizontal models of the same type, but boast a slimline profile that will dramatically open up the space in which they are installed. Rather than relying on a central heating system, vertical electric radiators work independently on a ‘plug-in-and-go’ basis, drawing on the glycol they are supplied pre-filled with to deliver heat. And they can provide an identical heat output to horizontal electric radiators, dispelling the popular myth that heat is often lost out of the top of vertical versions. As such, potential buyers of electric radiators can decide which orientation is best for their chosen room based mainly on which style will look and fit best. Both freestanding and wall mountable vertical electric radiators are available to buy online from, and as it goes with the latter versions, our blog piece, Top 10 wall mounted electric heaters, can offer some inspiration.

Heating made cooler with vertical electric designer radiators

BestHeating supplies an excellent range of quality vertical electric designer radiators, with each model designed to operate with the utmost efficiency whilst sporting a stylish modern makeup. That said, our collection of vertical electric designer radiators are a brilliant representation of our ‘heating made cooler’ mantra. There’s all sorts of vertical electric coloured radiators, finished in purple, pink, orange, red, green and blue to name just a few options, so there’s an ideal style to suit any sort of décor. No matter if you are hoping to create a soothing, calm and cosy ambience, or a sleek, sharp ultra-modern vibe, there’s a perfect vertical electric designer radiator to meet all requirements.

Vertical electric designer radiators guaranteed

The BestHeating range of vertical electric designer radiators is backed up with a guarantee of up to 20 years, with free UK delivery also applicable to orders. We take immense pride in offering an excellent choice of vertical electric designer radiators that team supreme performance capabilities with stunning looks, and making them available for a highly competitive price. What’s more, there’s a suitable vertical electric designer radiator for the comfortable heating of practically any room. Our BTU Calculator can be used to help potential buyers include or eliminate certain vertical electric radiators from their thinking, depending which models deliver the necessary heat output.

Shop vertical electric designer radiators from BestHeating

BestHeating supplies vertical electric designer radiators for any room to suit all tastes. Offering a simple means of operation and an energy efficient performance, our vertical electric radiators come complete with a Bluetooth heating element that enables remote temperature control. Shop vertical electric designer radiators online with BestHeating and achieve a supremely stylish luxury home heating upgrade for less.

What coloured vertical electric radiators can I buy?

BestHeating offers vertical electric radiators in a wide array of colours; there’s the common black, white and anthracite shades that are as popular as ever, and fairly safe options to enhance virtually any interior. We also supply vertical electric designer radiators in louder tones that might not necessarily be readily associated with home heating, like orange, red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, silver and gold.

Which is the tallest vertical electric radiator from BestHeating?

The tallest vertical electric radiators available from BestHeating measure up at 1800mm in height. Available in various colours, there’s the Milano Windsor vertical triple column electric radiator designs, in addition to the Milano Riso electric flat panel models.

How tall are the shortest vertical electric designer radiators from BestHeating?

The shortest vertical electric radiators from BestHeating stand at 635mm tall, and offer an excellent space-saving option for areas where there is limited wall space. For context, the tallest vertical radiator on offer measures 1800mm high.

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