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Electric Designer Radiators

If you're looking for high-quality electric heating solutions that guarantee easy installation, reliability and affordable running costs, our collection of electric radiators is packed with modern heating solutions, so you are sure to find just what you need. Electric radiators are an effective and easy to install modern heating solution that are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional central heating radiators.

What are the Key Features of Electric Radiators?

Many electric designer radiators are fitted with a Wi-Fi-enabled heating element that will warm the appliance quickly and efficiently and allow you to control the output of your radiator from the comfort of your sofa. These precision digital heating elements feature a range of settings that allow you to take complete control of your electric radiator. Features include a dryer function, an anti-freeze setting that protects your radiator when the temperature drops below freezing, open window functionality and over-heat protection, alongside a range of adjustable temperature settings that allow you to control heat output.

Available in a wide range of designs, sizes and finishes, our electric radiators are perfect for replacing tired storage heaters or outdated and inefficient central heating. Our traditionally-styled electric column radiators must be paired with an external thermostat and fused spur to ensure LOT20 compliance, and can be connected to external timers and intelligent building systems too. Set multiple heating zones around the home with the Smart Life mobile app, connect to Google Home or Amazon Alexa and schedule your radiator outputs for the week ahead and take control of your home heating like never before.

What are the Key Benefits of Electric Radiators?

Modern electric radiators are so much more than a metal box on the wall. They enable the user to do things with their home's heating that are just not possible with traditional home heating methods and standard radiator designs. Just some of the benefits of our electric radiator range are -

  • Quick & simple installation
  • Energy efficiency - turning every Watt of electricity into heat
  • Quick heat up times
  • In-built energy-saving functions
  • Smart home compatible
  • Zero maintenance - no need to bleed as with central heating radiators
  • Weekly programmable functions
  • Open window detection
  • A wide range of styles, colours and sizes

Are Electric Radiators Energy Efficient?

Yes, electric radiators are highly energy efficient! The true beauty of electric radiators is that they allow for you to be more precise and more controlled with how you heat your home. Unlike with traditional central heating, where you often operate the system from a singular thermostat and adjust individual radiators with radiator valves, with programmable electric radiators it's simple to set individual radiators to different schedules in different spaces, so you never have to heat the whole house if you are only using one room. This means you won't lose heat or waste energy through extensive central heating pipework and only get the heat that you really need - a welcome benefit that helps you to be more energy efficient, save money and not use more than you need.

What are Dry Thermal Electric Radiators?

Dry thermal, or dry heat radiators are an exciting addition to the BestHeating electric radiator collection. Operating in much the same way as their glycol filled counterparts, dry thermal designer radiators are not filled with water or a heating solution, but instead feature an element that snakes around the inside of your radiator's columns. These modern heating appliances are considerably lighter than pre-filled electric radiators, as not only do they not contain any liquid, but they are constructed from lightweight aluminium, making them perfect for installation on both external and internal walls. This lightweight design and absence of any liquid means they won't leak, won't ever need to be topped up, and certainly won't need bleeding, making them very much a maintenance-free heating option for any room of your home. The absence of any liquid also means they are more environmentally-friendly than other electric radiators, as no oils or potentially harmful liquids are in operation and this also means they are not as liable to rust as radiators that rely on liquid to warm up - offering a far safer, cleaner and more efficient way to heat your property.

What Different Styles of Electric Radiators are Available at BestHeating?

At BestHeating, we offer a wide range of both modern and traditional electric radiator designs in both vertical and horizontal profiles, meaning there's a radiator for every room and any space. From tall and elegant designs to truly make a style statement, to standard designs that are perfect for a like for like swap of your old and tired appliance. For lovers of cool and contemporary designs, choose from the ever popular Milano Aruba, Capri or Alpha designer radiator ranges, as these feature distinctive profiles that will enhance the look and feel of modern properties. Select from white, black and anthracite or explore more adventurous finishes with the likes of siamese red, lush purple, sage leaf green and more. If you are a staunch traditionalist and prefer the period looks of a bygone era, explore where modern meets vintage in our collection of electric Milano Windsor column radiators. An exceptionally popular design, the Windsor range of electric radiators features classic white and trendy anthracite finishes that offer great looks, high heat outputs and stunning period designs and, when paired with Milano Connect Wi-Fi controls, offer you a range of functions to really take ownership of how you heat your home.

What are Ceramic Core Electric Radiators?

Ceramic core electric radiators are an eco-friendly range of "plug & go" radiators that offer excellent energy-efficient properties to heat your chosen space quickly and to an even level. Using advanced ceramic heating elements, these stylish electric radiators are great at retaining and distributing heat and can help to decrease heating bills and energy consumption. Our range of ceramic core radiators feature programmable timers and customisable heating zone technology, that will allow you to create bespoke heat settings for different rooms of your home. Set daily and weekly preferences and have much more flexibility over your home's heating with Wi-Fi technology and hands free operation.

How Do I Choose the Right Electric Radiator?

Selecting the right size and heat output for your electric radiator is easy. Simply enter your room dimensions and some other additional details into our BTU Calculator to determine the required output of your new appliance. Then, using that BTU calculation, review the specifications of our pre-filled and dry heat electric radiators to select the corresponding wattage on the product listing. Don't worry if you can't find a product that has the exact wattage requirements you may need, simply rounding up to the next available output will ensure the radiator you select will comfortably heat your space. All our electric radiator product listings feature a wealth of additional info to help you make the best heating choices, so be sure to review specifications before you make a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions - Electric Designer Radiators

At BestHeating we appreciate that choosing your new electric radiator can often be more difficult than it appears. So, as we like to be super helpful and be sure you know exactly what you need when buying a new electric radiator from us, below are answers to some of the more frequently asked electric radiator questions.

Do electric radiators use a lot of electricity?

Answer: How much electricity your electric radiator uses will depend largely on how often you switch it on. Electricity usage is measured in kilowatts per hour (kWh). You can work out the kWh of your electric radiator by knowing the wattage of the appliance and then multiplying that number by how long you would like to use the radiator for. As an example to help you work out how much energy your electric radiator may use, we can look at bulbs. A 100 Watt bulb that is switched on for 10 hours would use 1 kWh of electricity (0.1 kW multiplied by 10 hours = 1 kWh). By making use of this calculation and then multiplying the number of kWh by the cost of your electricity, you can work out how much it costs to run almost any electrical appliance. Electricity in the UK costs around 15p per kWh - though the exact figure may be different with different suppliers and be dependent upon the time of the year. Our electric radiators are sized in wattage - though we do list BTU outputs alongside these figures too - and our electric radiator outputs range from 600W to 1500W. For help in selecting the correct wattage for your chosen space, take a look at our radiator heat calculator, input a few details and we’ll show you a selection of suitable radiators for your room.

How do electric radiators work?

Answer: Our electric radiators are filled with a heating solution called Glycol. This is a thermodynamic fluid that heats up and expands when the appliance is switched on. As the fluid expands, it gives off heat which is then transferred to the surface of the radiator columns, which in turn heat your space to a nice warm temperature. Note that Dry Heat or Dry Thermal radiators do not contain any heating solution, hence the name “dry”. These radiators feature a heating element that snakes around the columns of your appliance to heat the columns in a slightly different way. To learn more about dry thermal electric radiators, check out our expert guide to dry thermal rads, or browse the dry thermal electric radiator collection.

Are electric radiators better than gas central heating?

Answer: In the UK, gas central heating is one of the most popular ways to heat our homes. However, over the last few years electric designer radiator technology has improved and developed to a point where energy efficient electric radiators offer a more viable alternative to heating our homes.

There are several distinct advantages to electric radiators when they are compared to their central heating counterparts. These include -

  • Can heat a single space without switching on the central heating
  • 100% efficient - turning all electricity into heat
  • Accurate individual thermostats for complete heating control
  • No regular maintenance - no need to regularly bleed
  • No heat lost through pipeworks or a boiler
  • Ability to control the heat of individual rooms more accurately
  • No burning fuel in the home makes for safer home heating

The main benefit and advantage of electric radiators is that you can heat a single space instead of your entire home - perfect for those looking to be more energy conscious and reduce bills. Electric radiators allow you to pick and choose the room you want to heat instead of heating your entire home.

Using electric radiators allows the user to take complete control over the heat levels of every space in a home. Why heat the bathroom and bedroom when you only want to be warm in the living room? With an electric radiator this is no longer a consideration. You can set and programme specific heat schedules for individual spaces and create a more in-depth and fine-tuned approach to how you heat your home.

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