What to Consider when Choosing a Heated Towel Rail

What to Consider when Choosing a Heated Towel Rail

Once considered something of a luxury item, heated towel rails have become a standard component of modern bathroom suites. Ideal for providing a comfortable level of warmth throughout the bathroom and keeping towels deliciously warm, a heated towel rail is an affordable way to bring a little decadence into your suite.

ht302_3If you’re yet to install one of these nifty towel radiators and are finding the choice available a little overwhelming, fear not. Today’s blog is a guide to finding the perfect heated towel rail. With our handy list of things to consider, it’s never been easier to choose the right towel radiator for your bathroom.

BTU rate

The BTU (or British Thermal Unit) output of your heated towel rail is one of the most important things to consider. The higher the hourly output, the more powerful and effective your heated towel rail will be. The output required depends largely on the size of the area that is to be heated. To calculate the BTU output needed to efficiently heat your bathroom, use our handy BTU calculator.


The size of your heated towel rail should reflect the size of your bathroom. As with BTU rate, a smaller rail will provide sufficient heat for smaller bathrooms and en suites, whilst a large rail with bigger dimensions and higher heat output will be needed in spacious bathrooms. has a range of sizes available, from compact 700mm x 400mm to generous 1800mm x 600mm models, to fit any size suite and provide the right level of warmth for you.


If your heated towel rail is part of a whole bathroom refit, it’s important to consider the look and impression you want to create with your new suite. If it’s a late addition to an existing bathroom, you need to work with what you’ve got. A chrome finish is ideal for modern and minimalist suites, fitting perfectly with their chic style. Chrome is also incredibly hard wearing, so your heated towel rail is sure to give you many years of service. The Milano Ribble is a great example of a chrome-finished heated towel rail that is perfect for contemporary bathrooms. For traditional bathrooms, a towel rail with a heritage influence, such as the Ultra Rochester with radiator insert will make a beautiful and practical accessory.

Towel storage

Consider how many people use the bathroom and how many towels you will need the towel rail to hold. For busy family bathrooms, a large rail with an ample number of bars will be needed for adequate storage. For smaller bathrooms and households, a compact rail with just a few bars may suffice. Look out for additional features, such as a useful storage shelf or accessories which increase the usability of your towel rail.


If running costs are a consideration, you may benefit from buying a towel rail that can be used in conjunction with an electric heating element and dual fuel adaptor. These clever T-Piece adaptors allow you to run the heated towel rail through, or independently of, your central heating, giving you the freedom to heat the bathroom without heating the entire house, reducing your energy consumption and potentially lowering your bills.


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