How to Clean a Radiator

Last updated: July 29, 2014

How to Clean a Radiator

It is not a job that you will look forward to doing, but there comes a time when you have to clean the radiators. Your column radiators attract dust and dirt. As a result, they not only look ugly but an unclean radiator can also cost you money.

Layers of dust will affect your radiators ability to do its job properly. Because they are hot, dust is attracted to them like iron filings to a magnet and your heaters will probably be the dustiest things in your room, so they need to be cleaned regularly.

Unfortunately, they can be tricky objects to clean and if you have designer radiators or vertical radiators you may need a set of step ladders to complete the job. In this blog, we offer some useful advice and tips on how to effectively clean a radiator and get it sparkling in next to no time…

Get out the vacuum cleaner

Firstly, try to clean away as much of the dirt and dust as you can with your vacuum cleaner. It may not get rid of it all but if you have a brush attachment and a nozzle, you may be able to get rid of quite a bit with your trusty Hoover.

Now, we come to the ingenious bit; you can actually make your own radiator cleaner, which is ideal for cleaning those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies to leave your radiator shiny and dust-free. If you ever made anything when you were a kid after watching Blue Peter, you will be a dab hand at this!


Get a long stick. It must be thin enough to fit between the middle of the radiator. Any sort of stick will do, but it must also be long enough to reach to the bottom of the radiator. A long kitchen spoon may do the trick.

Now wrap a cloth around the end of your appliance and tape it to the end. It may all seem a little ‘Heath Robinson’, but you will need it to scrub your column radiator clean. Spread a towel under the radiator, and push the dirt from your radiator with your cloth on a stick on to the towel.

Fill a bucket of warm water

To leave your radiator shiny and gleaming, get a bucket of warm water and a dash of washing up liquid, and splash it about until there are plenty of suds on the surface. You need soapy water to add lustre to your radiator.

Dampen a cloth in the soapy water, and wipe down your radiator. Give it a good scrub and then leave to dry. Remember, the radiator isĀ made of metal and you don’t want it to rust, so ensure it is thoroughly dry and perhaps wipe down with a dry tea towel.If you notice that the wall above your radiator is mucky too, give it a wipe with the same soapy water.

Remember to make sure that the radiator is not in use when you clean it. Cleaning a hot radiator is not wise, and tricky to say the least, so always ensure that it has cooled completely before starting the job.

Follow our simple steps and you’ll have clean, gleaming radiators in a flash!