Choosing the Right Radiator Size

Choosing the Right Radiator Size

According to the Guiness Book of Records, the world’s largest radiator was 6 metres and 2 centimetres high, which equates to 19 feet 9 inches in old money. It was also nearly as wide, at 5 metres 98 centimetres, or 19 feet 7 inches.

This colossal column radiator weighed 860kg and could heat an area of 1000 metres squared. It was displayed in the central square of Cacak in Serbia on the 23rd April 2007. Why it was built remains unclear…obviously it was an attempt at breaking a world record, but where on earth could you put such a radiator?!

While we’re sure you’ll be looking for a slight less substantial radiator to heat your room, it is very important that you choose the right radiator size for your living space. The larger the room, the larger and more powerful radiator you will need to heat it effectively. Conversely, a smaller room will probably require a smaller, less powerful model to sufficiently heat it.

Judging the space

Sometimes you make a visit to the houses of friends and relations and it is like walking in to a sauna. It can be so hot that you can emerge from a visit a tad sweaty and a few pounds lighter.

This can be due to the thermostat being set uncomfortably high or it could be because the radiator for the room is simply too big and is churning out loads of heat. It could also be caused by them having too many radiators in one room.

There are some older houses where for some reason the residents at the time, when they had the central heating fitted, decided to fit radiators to every wall. So you can have a small living room with large column radiators along two walls.

When those furnaces are belting out the heat the room can become incredibly stifling. Apart from the waste of energy and money it is not good for anyone’s health if the room is too hot. Oddly, people in hot houses tend not to notice the tropical nature of their homes.

BTU Radiator Heat Output

BTU stands for British Thermal Units. By calculating the amount of thermal units you will need for your room you can make sure the temperature is comfortable instead of being over-heated.

These days we need our homes to be as energy efficient as possible. If we have giant radiators in tiny rooms creating enormous energy bills then the only people that will be happy will be the energy companies.

To calculate the amount of BTU’s needed you need to find out the cubic volume of your room. You then have to work out the heat loss from the room. For instance, what type of windows do you have, are there any outside walls which will let heat escape.

You can then work out the best size of radiator to get for your room. The easiest way of doing this is to use a BTU calculator.

Perhaps the world’s largest radiator is in a palace somewhere as this would be the only building that would need a gigantic radiator.

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